Prosthetists and Technicians

Our dental prosthetists and technicians provide the key technical ingredient to the artistic quotient of the aesthetic treatment planning process at Lidums Dental

Andrew, a Prosthetist

Their worldly experience and qualifications have resulted in a contemporary approach and a keen attention to craftsmanship, quality and aesthetics.

Our team combines the latest technology and clinical procedures with:

  • An eye for detail, precision and natural pleasing beauty
  • An understanding of dental occlusion (bite)
  • A focus on long-term health and durability

The multiplicity of shapes created by Mother Nature are immeasurable. Identification of the fine differences and the infinite variety of shapes requires expert observation and analysis for aesthetic planning and fabrication of restorations.

As key members of the team, they are on-site to provide instant shade matching to ensure the natural shapes, tooth positions and appearances of existing healthy teeth are imitated with accuracy to seamlessly enhance each patient’s smile.