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    Restore Function With False Teeth Adelaide

    Whatever your reason for losing a tooth, False Teeth Adelaide can restore your lost tooth/teeth so that they look natural. Traditional dental restorative use methods such as dentures and bridgework. These options restore some function of the original teeth, but they do so at the cost of the surrounding teeth. However, advanced technology has improved the dental industry. Currently, dental implants are the most effective restorative treatment options. These ‘false teeth’ will never decay or require a root canal treatment.

    At Lidums Dental, we are committed to meeting your dental needs. Dental implants are small screws placed into the bone. Our false teeth are reliable, strong, and they restore the function and comfort of your original teeth. With the proper care, our false teeth can last a lifetime. The false teeth Adelaide can stop shrinkage of the underlying jaw bone to provide gum and facial support.

    False Teeth Adelaide
    False Teeth Adelaide

    Get False Teeth Adelaide At Lidums Dental

    False teeth Adelaide offers superior results because they are based on modern dental technology. Losing your teeth does not mean that you restrict your diet or remain embarrassed.  Our dental implants come with several benefits. Besides restoring your smile, they can also reduce your chances of tooth decay. Dental Implants at Lidums Dental also prevent the remaining teeth from moving around which can lead to an uneven smile, uneven bite, decay and gum disease. Moreover, you do not have to worry about further tooth loss or jawbone resorption.

    Lidums Dental has an experienced team that will take care of your dental needs. Dr Arnis Lidums has been a Dental Specialist (Prosthodontist) for over 30 years. He has also engages his dental team in weekly training to stay updated with the new practices and technology. As a result, you can trust us to combine a personalised approach and innovation to produce the best results. Contact us for quality dental implants.

    Restore Your Confidence With False Teeth Adelaide

    We understand that false teeth Adelaide can change your life and confidence. Dr Arnis Lidums has established one of the most modern and fully equipped dental centres to cater to your dental needs. Dr Arnis Lidums has designed the clinic to support his patients and reduce anxiety by creating a flow that reduces anxiety and increases comfort and trust. The clinic also has an In-House Dental Lab to ensure create your beautiful new ‘False Teeth’, which in fact, do not look like false teeth at all. So many patients say their teeth feel and look natural!

    At Lidums Dental, we understand that each patient is different. As such, we have a wide range of dental treatments to focus on your oral health and the function of your smile. If you think that your teeth are “beyond hope,” we can provide comfortable and stable false teeth Adelaide and other treatment options. Let us assist you with your dental journey.

    False Teeth Adelaide

    Our quality false teeth Adelaide can instil confidence and provide optimum function while carrying out everyday tasks. Call our treatment coordinators today to recreate the character of your smile.

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