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  • Lidums Dental is a combined Specialist and General Dental Clinic providing high quality and advanced restorative services and techniques.

    Our Dental Transformations consistently provide strong, reliable and healthy results that dramatically improve the function, aesthetics and balance of the smile and improves confidence. For many, the decision to consult a dental professional or specialist is a significant first step and can be a very big step for those suffering from Dental Anxiety. We acknowledge and admire the determination of  those patients who have worked through their anxiety and made it to their first visit to the practice.

    At Lidums Dental in Adelaide, we know each patient is different; with various dental concerns and needs. This is why we utilise a wide range of dental treatments that focus on the health and function of your smile. A by-product of improving function happens to be an improved look and feel of the teeth and smile. This can be an unexpected and welcome result for many of our patients.

    We restore teeth to optimal health, comfort, function and appearance. Should your teeth be ‘beyond hope’ at Lidums Dental we are able to provide comfortable, stable and functional replacements in the form of dental implants as well as other treatment options. With careful integration of dental art, science and modern technology, we can create and tailor dental treatment plans specifically to you.

    A Passionate Team who go above and beyond expectation

    At Lidums Dental, our friendly and knowledgeable team is committed to satisfying your dental needs and delighting you with their care and passion for what they do.

    The Practice Principal, Dr Lidums, is one of Australia’s most-experienced and qualified Specialist Dentists – at the forefront of teaching and providing advanced Restorative Dentistry, Dental Implant and Cosmetic Dental care.

    For over 30 years, Dentists, Dental Specialists and Cosmetic Surgeons have confidently referred their patients to Dr Lidums and his Team due to their commitment to outstanding results. Since opening our new centre in 2010, those who do not have a trusted regular Dentist in the Adelaide area are now also able to come to us directly. No referral is necessary.