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  • Dental fear and phobia affects millions of Australians, and knowing this Lidums Dental has been custom-designed to provide comfortable and safe dental treatment for anxious patients

    Many of our patients have said they felt like the only person in the whole clinic, due to the care and calmness they experienced at their visit.

    Many patients delay or postpone dental treatment due to intense fear or anxiety, and at Lidums Dental we have created a tranquil and hassle-free dental experience to help reduce anxiety as much as possible.


    Our People

    Having a ‘Safe Haven’ for anxious patients is not just about the design of the physical space. It’s about the people who fill the space. Our Recruitment and Training Program has been carefully crafted to ensure we only attract and hire the best.  It’s an opportunity to find and train people who share the same passion and empathy so our patients receive the care and respect we value. We look for people who want to grow and develop and this kind of Mindset allows for a fully functional and highly capable Team who can trust and support each other to be the best version of themselves. Applicants often say their experience in applying for a position at Lidums Dental has been like none other and always comment on how much the passion comes across from our Team. This is deliberate as we know that its important for our team to love what they do as well as like and respect each other to get the best results for our patients.

    What does this mean for you? A Team of highly skilled individuals, who love what they do, are always learning and able to provide you with the best of care especially for those who may have high dental anxiety or fear.

    Simple Dental Treatment

    For shorter appointments, dental anxiety can be reduced using sedative medication such as Valium. This method means the patient is awake but feels more relaxed and can help make the process more pleasant. Many of our patients  who thought they would need a General Anaesthetic for dental treatment due to their dental anxiety, have tried this option and been pleasantly surprised how well they coped. Others have said it made the appointment go faster as they fell asleep during the treatment!

    For longer treatments we are able to use IV sedation or General Anaesthetic

    At Lidums Dental we partner with Anaesthetists who are familiar with our treatment and processes, and are able to provide a high level of care during sedation procedures. This deeper sedation or anaesthesia option is beneficial for longer or more complex dental procedures such as the ‘All-On-4™’ Teeth-in-a-Day Dental Implant Treatment. We find that our patients recover very quickly from their anaesthesia as our Anaesthetists have developed their processes to provide faster recovery times.

    Our dental facility is designed to provide IV Sedation and, shortly, General Anaesthesia. With a day-stay surgical suite to provide a safe environment for patients, you can be sure you are in the best possible hands throughout your treatment.