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  • As a Specialist Practice we take a long-term view on solving dental issues

    Due to disease, damage or neglect many of our patients experience considerable loss of oral function and find chewing uncomfortable. They suffer sensitivity and cannot bite effectively. This is why many of our patients at our Adelaide dental practice are more concerned about the function and vitality of their mouths than cosmetic issues.

    If a tooth has been lost and the remaining teeth are strong and stable, dental restorations such as bridges can be easily anchored to the teeth for a faster and effective dental solution. However if many teeth are missing, severely damaged or failing, they may require further assessment. If adequate jawbone material is present, we offer options including well-constructed dentures for those who are willing to try and adapt to their tooth loss, bridges anchored to adjacent teeth and dental implants for those who would prefer a long-lasting, functional solution.

    Dental disaster management

    Dental problems that initially appear minor can compound and seriously affect the patient’s general health and well-being. As we age, quality of life issues become more important and dental care a priority. Over time, numerous issues can occur such as:

    • Teeth are lost due to disease, breakages and other emergencies
    • Teeth wear down
    • Teeth become unstable and move
    • The bite collapses and loses efficiency
    • Teeth no longer support facial soft tissues
    • Oral disease causes general health to suffer

    At Lidums Dental we are committed to helping you achieve total oral health, function and aesthetics with high quality treatments tailored to your condition and finances. Discover more about restoring your optimal oral health.

    Lidums Dental Philosophy on dentistry

    We have seen over time when patients have come to us looking for help, they have often experienced ‘Quick fixes’ and ‘patch ups’. This can be due to anxiety that can prevent people visiting the dentist regularly or from dental care that treats one tooth at a time. Overtime, these patch ups and quick fixes can start to look like ‘patch work quilts’, becoming uneven in shape, colour and cause limited function. Simply fixing one or two teeth will not greatly enhance facial appearance or produce significant changes to bite, function, health and stability. As one of Australia’s leading centres of excellence for full mouth assessment, we understand dental care and management can, at times, take a more comprehensive approach.

    Although many patients are served well in general dental care, for others, we move beyond simply removing tooth decay, broken teeth, toothaches and emergencies – our advanced restorative and reconstructive techniques allow us to greatly enhance chewing function, stability, health and overall comfort. Fragile teeth are strengthened, the bite improved and dental emergencies can be significantly reduced. Paving the way for modern dental treatment, at Lidums Dental we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions that may not have been considered before.