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  • To ‘Conform or Transform’, THAT is the question

    When multiple complex dental issues are present, we are able to take a comprehensive approach and use our specialist knowledge in restorative and cosmetic dental care to produce predictable outcomes. In some instances, it may be more beneficial to Transform the bite and teeth rather than Conform, which involves a deeper understanding of interrelated issues: Function, Health, Bite and Aesthetics.

    Conformative approach for isolated issues

    Isolated dental issues are typically best dealt with a Conformative Approach, which works to simply fix the specific isolated problem by ensuring it matches the rest of the smile, for example conform to existing bite, shape, colour and position. This approach is generally taken when the rest of the mouth and bite  is balanced, healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

    The images below show restoring of a single tooth, causing the other teeth to wear around the ‘new’ tooth. The result is poor function, poor aesthetics and collapse of the bite. Planning for this situation takes time, skill and a high level of trust from the patient.

    Transformative Approach for Complex Problems

    Many of our patients have come to us because Traditional Dentistry has not worked for them. Some have ended up with a patch work quilt of colour and shape, others have weakened tooth structure due to multiple fillings and endodontic treatment and others feel they have lost facial support due to toothwear.  Should significant changes be required in the bite or overall appearance of the mouth, Dr Arnis Lidums conducts a thorough assessment in order to develop a blueprint (smile and bite plan) that solves these concerns.

    While Dr Lidums is assessing the condition of the mouth, he will be taking many factors into consideration, such as:

    Tooth wear

    If teeth are worn short, they may require lengthening, and by re-establishing the original tooth length, we will be able to produce more durable restorations, improve function, enhance appearance and reduce risk to tooth nerves. This also means less tooth preparation, which is great because we are in the business of keeping as much tooth structure as we can. Often, when patients have asked, “How much tooth do you need to remove?”, Dr Lidums response is, “None, you’ve done the preparation for me, I’m simply adding back what has been worn down over the years.”


    Should the teeth be discoloured, yellowed or stained, Dr Lidums is likely to discuss acceptable shades, colour and shape with you prior to treating  a single tooth to ensure  the results will be acceptable to you. If the shade, colour and shape are acceptable to you, then we can proceed with treating one tooth.

    Bite and Function

    When the bite is poor due to early loss of teeth, crooked or broken teeth, Dr Lidums will discuss your treatment options with you so you can make the best decision. Sometimes teeth can be straightened by covering them other times, Orthodontics is discussed if Dr Lidums feels a better and more predictable result would be achieved. Our patients feel very grateful when Dr Lidums talks about different treatment options, they feel more full informed and educated and better equipped to make a good decision for themselves.

    Disease Control

    At Lidums Dental, we are proud of our Disease Assessment and Maintenance Program, where our Dental Hygiene Team are among the most experienced in Adelaide and are involved in teaching Disease Preventative Considerations and Advanced Techniques to other dental professionals as well as authors of articles in journals.

    For our Hygienists, having developed a trusting relationship with our patients right from the start, our patients become more like friends and family catching up, who just happen to leave with clean sparkling smiles. Our Team have their Dental Hygiene with them too, so make sure you ask about their experiences.

    Teeth Beyond Hope

    Most of our patients who have experienced tooth loss, diseased teeth or failing teeth are concerned about whether anything can be done. Many have been told that there is nothing for them to do except wait for the inevitable (tooth loss and dentures). They have been delighted when Dr Lidums and the Team were able to discuss treatment options that would provide a Dental Transformation with full flexibility to ensure improved bite, appearance, function and health. If teeth are found to be failing, we assess the ‘why’ and provide valuable information to ensure stability for the future.

    Please scroll down to see some of the more complex dental treatments that have produced long term aesthetic and functional results. All patients had good foundations of bone and tooth health and we were able to rebuild their bite and smile keeping their natural teeth.