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  • It’s now possible to have beautiful new replacement teeth placed in just one day!

    Immediate Dental Implants, also known as the ‘Teeth in an Hour’, ‘Teeth in a Day’, or ‘Same Day Teeth’, are exceptionally popular among our patients who desire a faster approach to restoring their smiles. With this procedure our patients can enjoy the benefits of an immediate and beautiful new smile with renewed function in less time with less trauma.

    Traditional Dental Implant treatment can take many months, numerous surgical steps, and some treatments can take over a year to complete, which means added cost, more surgical steps and more time out of your schedule. At Lidums Dental we are constantly striving to ensure our processes and treatments are streamlined in order to provide total convenience and quality. Where patients would normally use dentures while waiting for their Dental Implants to heal, at Lidums Dental we are often able to provide an Immediate Dental Implant and Tooth on the same day. Dental X-rays and a Clinical Examination can assess your suitability for this particular treatment.

    Gaining a beautiful smile – fast

    We understand patients would prefer to have replacement teeth as soon as possible, and with appropriate skill, experience and teamwork, it is possible to provide implant teeth on the same day. You must be a suitable candidate in order to benefit from immediate implants:

    • Sufficient bone and soft tissue
    • Good healing capacity (no health or medication issues)
    • Consistent after-care and maintenance

    If issues are present, a slower and more traditional approach may be necessary in order to gain the best possible results. In this situation a temporary denture may be required.

    Single Tooth Immediate Dental Implants

    Following trauma or tooth failure, a fixed single replacement tooth can now often be provided on the same day as your Dental Implant Placement. The dental implant requires 2 months of undisturbed healing (to allow bone integration/healing) and we provide clear instructions on care and maintenance of this new tooth and implant to ensure long-lasting success.