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  • Dr Maryam Alavi

    Dr Maryam Avai

    General Dentist DDS Iran

    General Dentist DBA Registered Australia

    I was only 18 years old when I was accepted into Vetinary school and Dental School back home in Iran. Though I accepted to go into Vet School I changed and went into Dentistry, and I am so glad I did. However, it never reduced my affection towards animals! :)

    I graduated a few years later but it didn’t stop me from ongoing and yet voluntary pursuit of more advanced knowledge throughout different sources and post graduate courses, so I went on to complete my Masters in “Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry” for another extra year. Then I decided that it’s the time to explore more learning opportunities beyond the borders; so, I came to Australia in 2017. This was a challenge, as Australia has very stringent rules and processes to ensure that Dentists performing dentistry in Australia are of a very high standard when one has graduated in dentistry in another country. The process was tough and the exams were stringent. I worked through all the tests and assessments and was provided full rights to practice dentistry in Australia by the Dental Board of Australia and Australian Dental Council.

    I then realised that I felt I lacked knowledge regarding the new revolution in dentistry which is the science of Dental implants. I really felt Dental Implant training would help me deliver more comprehensive and deliver better results for my patients so I undertook to complete another Master in “Dental Implants” in Sydney, Australia in 2019.

    Practicing now for over 10 years and I am still so passionate about providing exceptional Dental care to my patients. Through all the upheaval of Covid-19, an opportunity arose to join a Dental Specialist practice that I could not pass up. I joined Lidums Dental in October 2020 working side by side with Dr Arnis Lidums, as the team continues to provide outstanding treatment and care to patients looking for smile transformations.

    Being part of a practice that does every single thing to the highest standard possible has been my goal for some time. Working at Lidums Dental, I can say that without a shadow of doubt that I am in the right place. Whatever your experience has been elsewhere, this is another level up and I’m grateful that my skills and expertise can be put to good use to provide my patients with exceptional treatments which are beyond the scope of general dentistry.


    Although my family is not here with me in Australia, I have made so many good friends that have become my family here. I have found the Australians very welcoming and warm and I am so happy to have chosen here as my second home. When I am not practicing dentistry, you may find me jogging along the beach with my four legged friend “Borzoo” a Corgi, listening to different podcasts, watching history TV shows and Series, or hanging out with my friends

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