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  • Outstanding treatment for your patients

    At Lidums Dental we value the gift of knowledge, and provide FREE seminars for other dental professionals and interested patients to ensure everyone experiences high quality dental care.

    A Partnership Approach

    Your trusted and loyal patients appreciate your interest and involvement in their care and the referral process. Dr Lidums provides a Mentorship program for Dentists who want to understand the finer aspects of Dental Implants as well as Treatment Planning for success.

    The Mentorship Program is great whether you want to continue to provide the Prosthodontic aspect of dental implant treatment  to your patients or want to gain further insight into the more complex treatment planning for Full Jaw cases. Patients can have their All-on-4 Dental Implant Treatment managed in the future by Mentored Dentists who have gained a deeper understanding of the more complex Dental Implant Treatment, allowing more patients to get rid of their dentures or overcome failing teeth that can be associated with Periodontal Disease.

    Throughout our seminars we provide the following;

    • Hands on training in our custom designed Training Facility – with the use of video cameras taping live surgery, Lecture Theatre for presentations and Breakout Rooms for Treatment planning.
    • Education – on Dental Implants, Toothwear, Patient Management & Communication
    • Treatment Planning – can you really diagnose with only an OPG?
    • Patient Communication – what do patients really want?
    • Patient Preparation – what makes dental treatment successful?
    • Information and Resources to assist you and your patients
    • Information and training for Ongoing Maintenance for complex treatment – for the patient and the Dental Team
    • Information on the Referral process – we promise, we are not out to steal your patients – there is enough for everyone to go around.
    • What we will deliver – our Expertise, Knowledge and over 35 years of Experience – not to mention all our other Team members who can support you and your patients – take a look at our Team page and read about their areas of expertise including Dental Prosthetics, Hygiene and Dental Implants.