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  • Discover a new-found confidence with a Restored Smile and total Facial Transformation with the ‘Lidums Dental Face Lift’

    A large drive for cosmetic dental treatment and restorative transformations is the underlying desire to appear youthful. Your smile says more about you than just your dental health – your smile has the ability to retain your youth!

    Many people are unaware that premature tooth loss or damage can result in accelerated facial aging – with the loss of structural support for the lips and cheeks, skin becomes gaunt and creates wrinkles and creases. Lips become thinner, the facial profile begins to elongate and eventually the nose and chin become accentuated, giving an overall ‘older’ appearance. We have had many patients who say they feel and look 10-15 years younger after their dental treatment. At Lidums Dental, we take all these aspects of facial aging into account while assessing your dental condition, in order to provide a natural and attractive new smile.

    Your comprehensive Smile Analysis

    In order to develop your new Smile Blueprint, Dr Arnis Lidums will conduct a Comprehensive Smile Analysis in order to develop a treatment plan and predict the result. This smile analysis will take into account all aspects of your smile including lips, facial features, skin complexion, age and personality in order to ensure a harmonious and pleasing result is achieved.

    We’ve had many patients become quite emotional when they see what can be achieved and the possibility of their youthful smile returning. This is a very rewarding visit for the team, as patients come to appreciate what can be done for them.

    All-on-4 Patient teeth-in-a-day

    Lidums dental patient All-on-4 Teeth-in-a-day

    Preview your new smile with a ‘Trial Smile’

    A ‘Lidums Dental Facelift’ requires changes and alterations to the face – changes that many may be anxious to undergo without first witnessing these changes prior to surgery.  Anxiety about these changes can be reduced in many ways.

    Many of our patients have been so happy with their results, they have provided permission for others who may be considering similar treatment to call them and ask them about their experience and results! This is a great way to build confidence and trust in the final outcome.

    Our Den­tal Trans­for­ma­tions often produce results beyond expectations.  All photos used on our Website, windows and folios are of patients who have received treatment at Lidums Dental. We are so proud we have such high quality images to show the amazing results we achieve.

    With the help of dental advancements and technology, we are able to offer a ‘try before you buy’ technique, using still photography, video, study models and mock-ups to effectively test predicted changes. This is a reassuring process we offer  in order to help remove any fear or anxiety and to ensure you are completely satisfied prior to proceeding to treatment.

    Every mouth is different – so too is every ‘Lidums Dental Face-lift’

    With an understanding of each patient’s condition, we can discuss and plan the best restorative and cosmetic dental treatments to provide the optimum outcomes for our patients. Treatments may include a combination of:

    • Tooth Whitening
    • Porcelain Veneers
    • Crowns and Bridges
    • Bonding Techniques
    • Dental Implants
    • Orthodontics
    • Full Mouth Rehabilitation

    The important thing to note is,  the treatment planning and skill of the Operator is critical. In the right hands, these materials are highly successful and predictable when used in the right conditions.

    The patients below have kindly shared their experiences throughout the website. We hope you it gives you confidence to continue on your dental journey.