Sleep Dentistry Adelaide

Custom-designed to provide comfortable and safe dental experience for our patients, Lidums Dental utilise advanced techniques to make treatments as painless as possible

At Lidums Dental we understand that many Australians battle with dental phobia, anxiety and fear, and have incorporated anxiety reduction methods to our Adelaide practice to help our patients gain the dental care they need without the negative connotations usually associated with dental treatment.

Anxiety Reduction With Sleep Dentistry

For shorter appointments and lighter treatments, we can combat dental anxiety with sedative medication such as Valium, or with laughing gas (nitrous oxide). Through these methods the patient is fully awake, however are much more comfortable and do not experience as much pain.

IV Sedation and General Anaesthetic

For more complex or lengthy procedures or where patients do not wish to be aware of treatment being performed, we are able to utilise (IV) sedation or general anaesthesia (GA) (also known as ‘twilight dentistry or ‘sleep dentistry’) and provide these options in-house. Our own day-stay surgical suite provides a safe environment for patients and all IV or GA is administered by our specialist anaesthetist who is experienced in our specific protocols.