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    Transform Your Smile With Veneers Adelaide

    Veneers Adelaide are covers placed over the surface of your teeth in the “smile zone.” Tooth veneers solve dental problems such as tooth wear and discolouration of teeth, and can even straighten a crooked or uneven smile. Over the years, veneers have dramatically improved, and the newer porcelain materials are very similar to tooth enamel, replicating the natural tooth look, colour and feel.

    At Lidums Dental, we offer veneer treatment and ensure to diagnose fully so that the we can advise how veneers will work and last in your particular situation. We perform a ‘Trial Smile’ so you can ‘Test’ what veneers can do for you. This also helps to determine how many veneers would be most beneficial to create a pleasing and natural smile. A full assessment of your dental situation is so critical to the long lasting success and result of our veneers Adelaide.

    Veneers Adelaide
    Veneers Adelaide

    Get Veneers Adelaide The Lidums Dental Way

    At Lidums Dental, we have been committed to providing veneers Adelaide for over 35 years. Our dental veneers are continually improving as technology expands. Having a highly engaged and trained team is so important in order to provide this level of service to our patients. The Lidums Dental Team receive weekly training to keep their dental practice up to date. We also use the latest technology in the industry to ensure we provide stunning dental veneers to our patients.

    If you feel like your dental problem is impossible to treat, contact Lidums Dental. We believe that we can make what seems impossible possible and even go beyond your expectations. At Lidums Dental, we pride ourselves on solving challenging dental problems. As such, we can create veneers that will completely transform your smile.

    We know that some patients are embarrassed about their teeth and have dental phobia. We assure you that we are not here to judge but to support you in overcoming your fear and gain back your self-confidence.

    Book An Appointment With Lidums Dental

    With the best veneers Adelaide, we can give you the smile you have always wanted and teeth that last a lifetime. Dr Lidums, is among the most experienced and qualified dentists in the industry. Our clinic is equipped with an In-House Dental Laboratory to ensure we control and maintain a high quality service. Our clinic is also designed to support you and reduce any dental anxiety that you may experience.

    If you are worried about whether you can afford your dental treatment, we have financial support options that can assist you in receiving treatment you desire. For veneers in Adelaide, reach out to our team.

    Veneers Adelaide

    At Lidums Dental, we pride ourselves on the beautiful results we create. Call us today to receive quality veneers Adelaide. If you have any questions, our experienced team can help you.

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