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  • At Lidums Dental we believe true service lies within the finer details, and have established a world-class facility to enhance our patients’ experience

    We have established our boutique dental practice around a warm, friendly and attentive team surrounded by a beautiful, modern, and elegant environment. Thoughtful little details are designed to put our patients at ease during all stages of their treatment process. Our patient’s dental journey has been carefully considered in the design of the space, ensuring a seamless transition throughout treatment stages.

    We are committed to your comfort

    The team at Lidums Dental in Adelaide is very aware of your individual needs. Longer treatment appointments are generally scheduled in the morning when patients are most relaxed and refreshed, and are able to better tolerate lengthy visits. We have also invested in extra cushioning for all our dental chairs, to better ensure your comfort during the entire treatment.

    Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide, All-on-4 Teeth-in-a-Day

    Clinic at Lidums Dental

    Our difference

    Experience the true difference of Lidums Dental with ceiling-mounted TVs, comfortable headsets with music provided (or you are welcome to bring your own iPod). We offer comfort rugs and an abundance of tender loving care in order to pamper you throughout your dental treatment.

    Combating dental anxiety

    Dental fear and anxiety is a real occurrence that affects millions of Australians and can even prevent patients from receiving the dental care they need. In response to this, Lidums Dental utilises Lidums Dental Sleep Dentistry™ , where procedures can be performed under general anaesthesia. If the treatment is more complex or the patient suffers from extreme dental anxiety, treatment can be performed in our in-house surgical suite under Intravenous (IV) Sedation administered by our Anaesthetist.

    Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide, All-on-4 Teeth-in-a-Day

    Staff Training at Lidums Dental

    An on-site Dental laboratory ensures quality and consistency

    At Lidums Dental, we have invested in latest state of the art equipment such as cad-cam, laser scanning as well as a wax fabrication area and the ceramics lab, where our technicians create masterpieces for mouths. There is no one size fits all in the Lidums Lab; it’s all about creating something that works for each individual, right down to the careful crafting of porcelain on teeth to create natural tooth affects.