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Lidums Dental on Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide is a State-of-the-Art centre for Dental Transformations: Cosmetic, Implant and Reconstruction Dentistry. It is an entirely new and unique concept in Modern Dental Care designed to improve quality of life, self esteem and overall health for our patients. We give people a reason to smile.

Welcome to Lidums Dental


Lidums Dental is the realisation of a vision to build the ultimate Centre of Excellence in Dentistry for people demanding better quality outcomes. It has taken over 30 years of innovation, experience and research to develop our modern comprehensively-equipped dental practice.


Dr Arnis Lidums commenced in private dental practice more than 30 years ago. In addition to the five year dental qualification, he was selected for the Specialist Training Program which involved 3 years of further full-time University study. He was awarded a Masters Degree in Dental Surgery and Dental Board Specialist Registration as a Prosthodontist. Lidums Dental was previously located at North Tce, Adelaide for 21 years where it was known as Adelaide Prosthodontics.


Lidums Dental provides advanced dental services for patients requiring treatment for Complex Problems, Dental Implants or who have High Functional, Health or Aesthetic Expectations (Sheng et al. 2015). Dr Lidums is recognised for his experience in dentistry and has provided advanced dental teachings for dentists from across the nation (Lidums 2007).


Over the years, most patients have been referred by other Dentists and Specialists, while others have come direct without referral. In 2010, we outgrew our North Terrace facility and moved to a new location to develop a world-class facility with the latest technology. When we moved, we also adopted a name change, Lidums Dental.


We understand that having missing, broken-down, fragile, painful or unsightly teeth can be distressing (Jenei et al. 2015).

That’s why we have now created a Combined Specialist and General Dental Service providing Advanced Restorative, Cosmetic and Implant Techniques which can help to dramatically enhance the health and quality of life of patients (Sierwald et al. 2015). Now, patients can come to us either directly or via referral from their dentist. Our skilled and dedicated team members assist in providing optimum treatment outcomes in a custom-designed facility.


Lidums Dental is also a Teaching and Mentorship Facility providing education and Specialist Support Services to Dentists keen to learn more about our techniques to jointly provide more predictable outcomes for their patients. For patients who are referred, we nurture a team approach to treatment to achieve the best result in partnership with referring dentists.

Change Your Life

Our Dental Transformations produce wonderful results for our patients. Many of our Patients are so enthusiastic about their Dental Transformation they are keen to share their experience. All photos on the outside of our building are of our patients. No photos of paid models are used.

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Transform your life with a brand new healthy smile. Our dental services have a powerful and positive impact on people’s lives. It inspires us daily.
Not coping with dentures? Not coping with dentures?
Concerned about losing your teeth? Concerned about losing your teeth?

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