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  • Prior to your first visit, we want to know more about your dental situation to ensure you have the best experience and understanding for you on the day of your Specialist Consultation with Dr Arnis Lidums.

    At Lidums Dental even the first phone call is an opportunity to get to know you and gain an understanding of your dental situation. When patients arrive, they often comment they feel like they already know us. That’s because our friendly Front Office Coordinators love people and love greeting to know our patients.  They will explain what to expect on your visit. Many find as a result of this initial phone call that they begin to understand why we are different and want to take the next step in understanding their dental situation more and what treatment options might be available for them.  Generally, we can reserve a Specialist Consultation within two weeks.

    Lidums Dental is designed to put our patients at ease during all aspects of their treatment. The first visit provides an opportunity to understand issues relating to the dental concerns and how it is impacting on life, health and future dental health. At times, Dr Lidums can provide some dental options that may be available to address your dental condition. Here is an outline of what you might expect on your first visit:

    Meet Your Treatment Coordinator

    Your Treatment Coordinator will welcome you and go through your concerns and ensure you are at-ease regarding the process of your first visit. While some patients primarily focus on achieving optimal dental health and function, others seek cosmetic improvement. While discussing your concerns your Treatment Coordinator will be able to discover what is important to you. So many of our patients have discovered what they thought was their main concern changes as they begin to speak about the issues they face. It’s like uncovering the layers, and being able to talk about the problem and concerns then to truly understand what has really been bothering you. This can be very gratifying for patients who in the past have been told what they should or shouldn’t have and what ‘should’ be important to them. An important note here is to know that any dental anxiety you are experiencing can be discussed at this point so we can best support you in your visit.

    Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide, All-on-4 Teeth-in-a-Day


    During your first appointment, initial photographs and x-rays are taken to provide a more extensive clinical understanding of your dental health. These are studied at high magnification and resolution to gain a greater understanding of clinical issues that may not be visible to the naked eye. This step is critical in knowing what is happening under the surface of your teeth and gums  and therefore diagnose with confidence.

    Interview With Dr Lidums

    Dr Arnis Lidums (or one of our Specialist Dentists) will discuss in more detail your dental situation, how it impacts you and what you are hoping to achieve. Everyone’s situation is different, and it’s important we know what patient’s are hoping to achieve, what expectations they may have and any specific concerns there might be so we can best diagnose and treatment plan something suitable for their situation. A Clinical Dental Assessment is performed by Dr Arnis Lidums, It’s amazing how much information can be gathered from these initial discussions and how they can be brought together with the clinical diagnosis to provide our patients with a clear understanding of what is happening in their mouths so they can make well-informed decisions on their dental treatment.

    Clinical Examination

    This is a Comprehensive Clinical Examination of your dental health including teeth, gums, joints etc to confirm what has been seen on x-rays and reported by you. The initial assessment is performed with high performance Optical Loupes (glasses) and assesses function, bite, gum health, bone health, decay, tooth wear, aesthetics and many other critical areas that impact on clinical diagnosis and treatment planning.

    Discussion and Treatment Options – Taking the Complex Making it Simple

    After your comprehensive dental examination, a 2nd consultation provides information on your particular dental situation and what treatment options are likely to work best in your situation. We often have patients say that Dr Lidums was able to explain their situation in ways that made sense to them and they really appreciated the respect he showed them. He often draws diagrams on paper to explain complex information so that it is easy to understand and enables them to make a decision on their dental treatment with the right information. We will provide a simple summary of the Key Issues along with Clinical Findings. A range of options and approaches are given which will include a range of costs. There is no ‘right option’ to do treatment, no recommendation, no ‘telling’. Simply information you can use to make the best decision for you situation. We pride ourselves on being able to explain dental issues in easy to understand terminology and provide solutions that may not have been previously suggested.

    Result Portfolios

    We have a photo library which has over 30 years of comprehensively documented treatment results to show patients who might be considering treatment with a Specialist. With hundreds of ‘before and after’ photographs of previous patients with differing treatment types and outcomes, we are able to show examples of the kind of results we can achieve. It’s important our patients can see proof of what can be achieved.

    Mouth Preparation

    Once you decide to proceed with planning for treatment, further appointments are made to ensure that any underlying dental disease is identified and controlled. Further appointments are generally made for any additional assessments, planning advice and disease control with our Dental Hygienists in order to fully understand problems and plan the solution. It is quite normal to  need to collect further information and records to better diagnose and treatment plan to ensure predictable outcomes. It cannot be underestimated the impact of what good Oral Hygiene can have on the results of any dental treatment, as well as uncovering reasons why a dental condition has occurred. Our Hygienists can help patients better understand and treat their dental situation so that any treatment performed lasts longer and looks better for the long-term.

    Treatment Costs

    For many, cost is an important consideration and can impact someone’s decision on proceeding with treatment. While the cost for Full Mouth Rehabilitation or extensive treatment can be considerable, at Lidums Dental we always ensure there are methods available to help manage the financial side. There are numerous Financial options that support our patients in getting the treatment they really want. Please follow this link to read more.

    Our knowledgeable and friendly team will be your personal concierge to ensure all aspects of your dental journey and experience is a positive one.