Your First Visit

Prior to your first visit, an experienced and friendly member of staff can provide initial thoughts, considerations and costs regarding approaches to address your concerns over the phone

At Lidums Dental located in Adelaide, we strive to assist you whenever we can, and this includes your initial phone call. When you call us, our friendly staff will provide an insight into what to expect in your visit and many find as a result of this initial phone interview that they can understand what advantages treatment can offer. Generally, we will reserve a first visit appointment within two weeks of this phone consultation.

A dedicated dental boutique with a caring professional team, Lidums Dental is designed to put our patients at ease during all aspects of their treatment. The first visit provides a strong opportunity to understand issues surrounding your concerns along with some options available to address your oral condition. A sequence of important steps will occur during your first visit:

Meet Your Treatment Coordinator

Your treatment coordinator will listen attentively to your concerns and ensure you are at-ease regarding the process of your first visit. While some patients primarily focus on achieving optimal dental health and function, others seek cosmetic improvement. While discussing your concerns your treatment coordinator will be able to discover which is important to you and work with you to develop a treatment blueprint.


During your first appointment, initial photographs and x-rays (OPG) will be taken to provide an extensive overview of your dental health. These are studied at high magnification and resolution to gain a greater understanding of your clinical problems.

Interview With Dr Lidums

You will gain the opportunity to sit with Dr Arnis Lidums (or one of our other highly experienced dentists) in order to understand what is important to you, what your expectations are and any specific concerns so we can design a treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

Clinical Examination

This is where we will perform a comprehensive overview of your dental health. An initial assessment with high performance optical loupes will be made of your dental health function, bite and aesthetics to ensure nothing is missed.

Discussion and Treatment Options

After your examination, we will move to a comfortable discussion room away from the clinical assessment areas. We will provide a simple summary of the key issues to be addressed, along with our findings. A broad range of options and approaches will be given which will include a range of costs. We pride ourselves on being able to explain complex issues in easy to understand terminology and provide solutions that may not have been previously suggested.

Result Portfolios

We have a photo library which records over 20 years of comprehensively documented results available for viewing if you wish. With hundreds of thousands of ‘before and after’ photographs of previous patients with similar concerns, we are able to visually show you examples of the kind of results we can achieve for you.

Mouth Preparation

Should you wish to proceed with planning for treatment, we will make further appointments to ensure that any underlying dental disease is identified and controlled. Further appointments are generally made for any additional assessments, planning advice and disease control with our esteemed dental hygienist. In order to fully understand problems and plan the solution, we normally need to collect further information and records.

Treatment Costs

For many, cost is an important consideration that can impact their decision on proceeding with treatment. While the cost for full mouth rehabilitation or extensive treatment can be considerable, at Lidums Dental we always ensure there are methods available to help spread financial burden. By addressing highest priority areas first, staging the treatment and using interim materials, we can help ensure the process is streamlined and managed in a way that is much more manageable for your budget.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team will act as your personal concierge to ensure all aspects of your treatment and experience with us is taken care of.