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    Care For Your Teeth With A Skilled Prosthodontist Adelaide

    Our Prosthodontist (a Dental Specialist in treating complex and challenging dental problems) Adelaide at Lidums Dental can help improve the function and appearance of your teeth through reconstruction and replacement of missing teeth. Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that manages the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of oral function and aesthetics. A Prosthodontist must complete 4 years of postgraduate study, research, and training.

    Lidums Dental is the go-to Team when it comes to seeking Prosthodontic services. Our lead specialist dentist, Dr Arnis Lidums, has over 35 years experience in the dental industry and he is among the leading dental specialists in Australia. Dr Arnis Lidums has dedicated years to prosthodontic dentistry. As such, he has a wealth of experience and training to manage and treat the complex full mouth rehabilitation. Dr Lidums, Prosthodontist Adelaide, established one of the most modern and fully equipped dental clinics in Adelaide.

    Prosthodontist Adelaide
    Prosthodontist Adelaide

    Creating A Beautiful Smile With Our Prosthodontist Adelaide

    Our Prosthodontists Adelaide believe if you want to have a beautiful smile and overall wellbeing, then we can help. At Lidums Dental, we strive to ensure you are satisfied in all stages of your dental care because trust is essential to us. As such, we designed our clinic to support our patients and reduce anxiety. Besides a caring and supportive team of dentists, hygienists, dental assistants we also include a spacious facility for the best patient flow so you can feel supported throughout your dental journey. Whether it’s a once off treatment and you are returning to your dentist for ongoing care or whether you make Lidums Dental your dental home for the ongoing care of your teeth and smile, we are here for you.

    We love what we do, and that’s why we have an All-On-4, Teeth-In-A-Day process unique to our clinic. This process begins by completing a dental assessment, which includes a clinical exam, photos and x-rays. Our specialist Prosthodontist, Dr Arnis Lidums will explain your situation and provide treatment options that best suit your situation. Once you have decided on your dental treatment, a planning appointment helps to ensure the results on the day are predictable, functional and look great too. Our treatment coordinator will book you an appointment with Dr Arnis Lidums, to provide you the treatment you have chosen.

    Book An Appointment With Us Today

    At Lidums Dental, we are specialists in a wide range of dental procedures, including Prosthodontics Adelaide. With our advanced technology, we have the right technology to treat complex dental issues. Our Prosthodontist, Dr Arnis Lidums, and his Team will provide professional services throughout your dental journey.

    Dr Lidums loves to be at the forefront of dental science, and that’s why he encourages ongoing professional development. For this reason, Lidums Dental is one of the leading dental clinics. If you are embarrassed about your teeth and are afraid to seek treatment, call us and we will ensure you hear from our friendly team.

    Our Prosthodontist Adelaide provide their services in the comfort and safety of our dental facility to maintain quality outcomes. For over 30 years, other dentists have confidently referred their patients to Lidums Dental due to their outstanding results.

    Prosthodontist Adelaide

    We are your all-inclusive Prosthodontist Adelaide, who can help you during any stage of your oral health. Contact us today. Our experienced team look forward to hearing from you.

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