Tailoring Your Treatment

As a world-class boutique practice we understand the fundamentals of quality care begin with a personalised treatment plan

At Lidums Dental we employ a unique approach to your dental treatment, and acknowledge that dental issues can develop over many years. This is why we assess your condition and allow your specific concerns to direct the entire treatment process.

We have many patients visit us for a wide variety of dental concerns that we are able to treat at our Adelaide dental boutique, such as:

  • Poor Appearance – Tooth and Facial
  • Bite Problems
  • Compromised Function – Chewing and Speech
  • Fragile, Broken and Worn-Down Teeth
  • Discomfort
  • Ill-Health
  • Uncomfortable Dentures
  • Embarrassment and Loss of Confidence
  • Dental Disease – Decay or Gum Disease
  • Dental Disaster – Complex Full Mouth Problems

Your tailored treatment plan

We know each of our patients is unique and whether your goals are simple or complex, we invest time and effort into listening to you, learning about you and planning your case so we can develop effective strong smile strategies. Our elite dental professionals will modify your treatment to suit your dental issues, clinical needs, urgency, social expectations and budget.

Receive the treatment you need without the added stress of financial burden

We can provide dental treatment that suits your budget for comprehensive treatment, and satisfies both short-term and long-term dental objectives. If finances are a concern, you may prefer to undergo ‘staged treatment’ which allows you to undergo stages of dental treatment over a longer period of time so you can benefit from the same stable and beautiful results. In the short-term, it is possible to address most urgent needs only.

Tailored treatment is more than a plan, it’s dental architecture

We often like to refer to a complex dental treatment plan much like a blueprint to building and planning a house. We can address simple, straight forward issues fairly quickly whereas complex issues will require and involve additional assessments and understanding before proceeding with treatment. We pride ourselves on being more like dental architects and our blueprints for treatment planning consists of:

  • The first visit to get to know you and provide an overview of findings and options
  • Data collection and further assessment to understand underlying issues in more detail
  • Mouth preparation to ensure a stable mouth prior to treatment and to provide long-term health
  • Treatment plan development confirms treatment details including aesthetic and functional goals
  • The final cosmetic and restorative blueprint allows for modifications to fit your circumstances