Our Team

With an esteemed team assembled through a unified goal, the professionals at Lidums Dental all strive to ensure you receive the best experience and treatment possible

A prosthodontist is a specialist in reconstructive and cosmetic procedures with skills and training beyond the standard five year dental degree. Dr Arnis Lidums is a qualified prosthodontist who is able to fix broken teeth by providing superior treatments in his world-class facility. Prosthodontists are the only dental board registered specialists trained to an expert level to restore or replace teeth utilising veneers, crowns, bridges, implants and dentures.

With a dedicated facility our team work together to ensure your total oral health

Most general dental professionals provide some level of cosmetic dental services, which provide valuable improvements for many patients. However if the issue is particularly difficult or complex, or a patient desires a superior result deigned for longevity they may prefer to seek specialist care. At Lidums Dental our team of elite dental professionals are dedicated to ensuring you receive the treatment you need that is tailored to your condition and suited to your budget.