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    Instant Orthodontics – when faster outcomes are desired

    Traditional Orthodontic treatment can take up to two years to complete, which is a large commitment to make to the health and well-being of your smile. Understanding that our patients want a faster solution with quality results, we are able to provide significant changes.

    With our Instant Orthodontic Solutions, we can straighten crooked teeth by expertly using resin, acrylic or ceramic dental materials. If teeth are truly ‘beyond hope’ of Instant Orthodontics and require some extractions, we are able to provide a full set of functional new teeth in the form of the ‘All-On-4’ Teeth-in-a-Day Dental Implant Treatment.

    One of our Lidums Dental Values is the ‘Rubix Cube‘ – for its reminder to us that we solve complex problems daily. It’s what we do best and what our regular Team Training Sessions are regularly focussed on.

    With innovative approaches dramatic aesthetic and functional improvements are achieved rapidly

    With our uniquely comprehensive approach, we are typically able to conduct extreme makeovers as immediate procedures. While extreme makeovers provide high quality results, they are not for everyone and require a high level of specialist experience and skill, which is why Dr Arnis Lidums will first ensure you are a suitable candidate.

    Jeannette did not like the ‘patch work quilt’ effect her teeth and smile were starting to reflect. After a Trial Smile (mock up), Jeannette proceed to have her teeth covered and protected to produce a more even colour and shape to enhance her smile. A Trial Smile gives the opportunity to see what the new shape and length of the teeth will look like before proceeding with treatment. Measurements and notes were taken to ensure we reproduce a smile that reflected Jeannette’s personality and  facial structure.

    Our patients are always thrilled after this appointment, knowing their new smile is on the way. We had one lady who loved her Trial Smile so much, she placed a photo of her ‘new smile to be’ on the fridge to remind her of what she had to look forward to.