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    Best Cosmetic Dental Implants in Adelaide

    If you are suffering from stained, discoloured, broken or misaligned/crooked teeth, modern cosmetic dentistry can restore your smile. For many patients, it’s important to understand the procedures to get the smile you desire. At Lidums Dental, we offer the best cosmetic dental implants in Adelaide. We will sit down with you and discuss the treatment options and procedures and develop a treatment plan suitable for your situation. We provide the best cosmetic dental implants. Most of our patients refer to our services as an invaluable experience. The time spent with our Treatment Coordinator is so important as it helps develop your trust that we can deliver what we promise.

    Some of our cosmetic dental implant services include a full dental facelift using dental implants. If you have noticed sunken cheeks, thinning lips, lines around your mouth, this could be a result of tooth loss or collapse. Having a Dental Facelift fills out the mouth, supports lips and reduces lines around the mouth resulting in a more youthful appearance. In many situations, we can even do Immediate Dental Implants, what you may have heard of as ‘Teeth-in-a-Day’.

    This is remarkable as it means not having to go without teeth or wearing dentures at any time. Even with over 35 years of experience, our specialist Dental Surgeon, Dr Arnis Lidums, engages in continuous training to improve his own and his teams’ practices and stays up-to-date with technology. Our clinic is also comprehensively equipped to ensure quality outcomes.

    Best Cosmetic Dental Implants
    Best Cosmetic Dental Implants

    Enjoy Restorative Transformations

    Most patients who seek cosmetic dental implants have noticed changes over the years in their facial structure and experiencing premature tooth loss or damage can accelerate the aging process. As a result, patients with such problems will seek cosmetic dentistry to achieve a youthful smile and rejuvenate their smile. Our Dental Face Lift requires a comprehensive Smile Assessment & Analysis to develop a suitable treatment plan and predictable results. Our Dental Specialists consider aspects of your smile, including facial features, age, skin complexion, lips and personality to produce pleasing, natural results. Our Dental Face Lift may include a combination of procedures such as tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, dental implants and/or bonding techniques.

    Dental implants are another long-lasting treatment procedure that restores the original function and comfort. Dental implants will never decay. With good care and in the right conditions, they can last you a lifetime, functioning like natural teeth.

    Immediate dental implants at Lidums Dental provide our patients with a beautiful smile within a short period. Dental X-rays and a Clinical Examination with our Dental Specialists inform our patients if they are suitable for this same-day dental implant treatment. It’s important to understand the impact of any treatment on the whole mouth, body and long term outcomes and expectations before deciding on a treatment.

    Contact Lidums Dental Today

    Whether you want to look younger or straighten your crooked teeth, Lidums Dental is your go-to clinic. With over 35 years in dental practice, Dr Arnis Lidums leaves nothing to chance. He has carefully planned and designed every aspect of the practice to ensure patients feel at ease. Our Dental team is dedicated to achieving the best results for patients. We have well-designed systems and checklists that allow us to maintain quality outcomes as well as weekly training sessions.

    From a spacious patient lounge with a comfy couch to private areas where discussions can occur away from clinical rooms, there is plenty of space to ensure seamless patient flow and recovery space. We have an In-House Dental Lab and X-ray Facility to ensure we maintain quality service. Some dental situations can become costly due to the complexity or high level of difficulty to get the desired outcome. Our team at Lidums Dental can discuss and organise financial plans to support you during your treatment.

    Best Cosmetic Dental Implants

    If you are looking for the best cosmetic dental implants in Adelaide, look no more. Contact Lidums Dental to request an appointment with our experienced staff.

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