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      Our Team enriches people's lives, giving hope to those in dental despair — at Lidums Dental, we are dedicated to changing your life
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    Having a Great Dentist Matters

    Lidums Dental is the best dentist in Adelaide, offering valued patients the updated techniques and treatments in modern dentistry. We provide a wide range of dental procedures, including general dentistry, sleep dentistry, dental implants, full dental facelift, as well as instant orthodontics, and more.

    Our tenured dentists are caring and compassionate, and they go the extra mile for our beloved clients. We aim to provide our patients with the most comfortable experience possible because we care for everyone’s oral health. Our front office staff and support team have worked for many years in the dental profession, and together, we provide a high standard of service in the most professional, caring way possible.

    We created our Core Values to reflect who and what we stand for. We hire and train using these values to guide us. As the best dentist in Adelaide, we pride ourselves on the following core values:

    • Wow-Factor – Making what seems impossible, possible.
    • Rubix Cube – Our team is well-equipped to solve challenging dental problems.
    • Passion – We love what we do, it’s not just about the teeth.
    • A.N.I – Constant And Never-ending Improvement.
    Best Dentist Adelaide

    The Search for the Best Dentist in Adelaide is Over

    People think finding the best dentist in Adelaide is easy. After all, a dentist is a dentist? Is this what you also believe? The truth is, not all dentists are equal.

    If you want to maintain a healthy smile for years to come, there are essential skills and knowledge your dentist must have.  A dentist who has the experience and proven track record in optimal outcomes as well as a team that can support the patient through the journey is essential.

    Lidums Dental will end your search for the best dentist in Adelaide. We have formulated our All-on-4 teeth in a day Dental Implant treatment, simplifying the process of diagnosis and treatment for our patients.

    Part of this process is reviewing old photos of your face and smile, then showing and explaining 3D images of your particular situation. Also, we have a range of before and after photos of patients who have had different kinds of treatment who are very happy to share their experiences with others so you can get an idea of what you might expect from your treatment. The ‘Lidums Dental All-on-4 6-Step Process’ is designed to explain a complex procedure into something that makes sense to patients desiring this treatment. In the right hands, the All-on-4 Dental Implant treatment is a predictable treatment option with excellent long term outcomes, improving bite, function and look of teeth.

    As the best dentist in Adelaide, we want you to understand what we are doing and why we are doing it, as well as what you can do to gain and sustain optimal oral health.

    You’re in Good Hands

    Lidums Dental is dedicated to restoring your confidence, function, and comfort through improving oral health. Our dentists have spent their careers caring for patients as if they are members of their own families. This ensures you will receive optimal treatment, care, empathy, and respect when you come to our clinic.

    Whether you need implants, a filling, or root canal therapy, you’re in good hands. With the help of our highly experienced and best dentist in Adelaide, your treatment can be completed without complications, while reducing any levels of discomfort.

    Best Dentist Adelaide

    We are the best dentist in Adelaide whom you can trust for restoring your smile. We can also fix your dental issues with veneers, bridges, crowns, and white composite fillings. To learn more about our service, call us today at (08) 8223 353. We will be very happy to set an appointment with you.