Dentures Adelaide

Discover the difference between loose, unstable dentures and well-constructed premium dentures from Lidums Dental

To make good dentures requires much skill and time. At Lidums Dental, we are up to date with the latest techniques available worldwide to produce high quality dentures. He is passionate in producing aesthetic functional dentures in challenging circumstances. If changes in your mouth are such that available bone and gum make it impossible to construct satisfactory dentures, he may refer to one of our specialists in dental implants for discussion of alternative treatments.

Traditional dentures

In conventional dental care, when teeth were lost dentures were made as the only means of replacement as no other alternatives were available. With the mouth slowly evolving, traditional dentures became more uncomfortable and unstable as they no longer fit the modern mouth correctly. At Lidums Dental, we are able to assess your dental arches to tailor make premium dentures that are functional and comfortable.

Are dentures the right choice for you?

While dentures may be appropriate for you now, it is important to think long-term, as many changes can occur over time which may make it impossible for you to cope with dentures.


  • Jaw bone shrinkage – Less denture support
  • Facial support is lost – Less lip support
  • Vertical dimension is reduced – Nose and chin end up closer together
  • Dry mouth – Less saliva for comfort and to assist denture retention causing them to fall out
  • Reduced capacity to adapt with age – People who coped with dentures when they were young, might not when they are elderly and frail
  • Loss of self-confidence – Many people struggle psychologically with dentures and lose self-esteem
  • Health issues – As a result of ageing, poor health or medication, the oral environment can adversely change
  • Adverse soft tissue changes and infections – Many people with dentures, regularly suffer from fungal infections/thrush in their mouth

Are you willing to take your dentures out after every meal for cleaning and leave them out every night to give the gums a rest? If you find dentures are not your preferred option or if you would like to be rid of your dentures, talk to our elite team about the benefits of dental implants in restoring your smile to full function, stability and aesthetics.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.