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  • We offer superior technology in order to enhance your experience and treatment satisfaction

    With advancements in dental technology, at Lidums Dental we have been able to dramatically enhance the quality of our results. Some technological breakthroughs have led to improved aesthetics and function, while others improve reliability, safety and quality control. At Lidums Dental we have worked hard to establish a dental centre designed for excellence, superior service and quality results.

    Dental Implants: Advanced Computer-Assisted Assessment and Placement

    At Lidums Dental, 3D computer x-ray imaging is used to assess available jaw bone prior to dental implant placement. We have the latest technology and computer software which demonstrates the shape of a patient’s jawbone in 3D. We assess and predict available bone and implant position prior to the day of the procedure, which helps to confirm the suitability of implants in any given site, and anticipates challenges in advance. This technology allows us to place the implants in virtual reality before we place them in the jaw to understand optimal positioning to gain the right bite, look and fit of the new teeth on top. Performing this kind of treatment without the right amount of planning and preparation is a bit like building a house without performing soil tests, knowing the climate and conditions the house will have to withstand and of course the dream of the person who is going to live in the house. Good communication, detective work & planning is essential in being able to provide our patients with a result that will meet their needs and be able to function with for the long-term.

    Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide, All-on-4 Teeth-in-a-Day

    Showing surgery/dental clinic at Lidums Dental

    Computer-Guided Implants

    At times, the technology can be further extended to allow predictable placement in difficult situations using a customised Dental Implant placement guide. If bone and soft tissue is ideal, implants can be placed with a keyhole approach (no stitches and quick recovery) similar to other less-invasive procedures used in medicine. Dental Implants are one of the most revolutionary and beneficial dental procedures performed to date. The Australian Dental Association says “Dental Implant Treatment is the Standard of Care for someone with a missing tooth/teeth”.

    Our other highly advanced technology utilised at Lidums Dental include:

    • Digital X-Rays
    • In-House Laboratory
    • CAD-CAM Technology
    • High Optical Magnification
    • Bio-compatible and High-Tech Materials
    • Lighting designed for optimal shade matching
    • 3D X-rays (CBCT) for Dental Implant planning
    • Special Equipment for Bite & Aesthetic planning
    • Video taping of procedures for training purposes
    • Specially designed on-clinical rooms for confidential discussions
    • Patient Information Tools & Software designed to help patients fully understand their dental situation and treatment options