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    Best Options for Dental Prosthesis in Adelaide

    Do you have severely damaged or decayed teeth? Are your past restorations failing? If the answer to these questions is yes, you may want to consider getting a dental prosthesis. A dental prosthesis Adelaide is a dental procedure that replaces a missing tooth or covers up any teeth defects such as dentures. If you consider getting a dental prosthesis, your dentist can guide you to the most effective option to meet your dental needs.

    At Lidums Dental, our Specialists can diagnose, plan and manage treatment using a dental prosthesis to correct various oral health problems. With ongoing oral hygiene visits and regular check-ups, Dental prosthesis also provides patients with a better chance of preventing these problems from reoccurring. To know what options might be appropriate for you, our Dental Specialist, Dr Arnis Lidums, will help you understand the ideal treatment plan for your long-term oral health and function.

    Dental Prosthesis Adelaide
    Dental Prosthesis Adelaide

    Types of Dental Prosthesis

    Dr Arnis Lidums is the go-to dentist when it comes to dental prosthesis. Dentures from Lidums Dental are high-quality as the clinic is up-to-date with the latest techniques. Our experts assess your mouth and make dentures that are functional and comfortable. If your gum or bone makes it difficult to tailor dentures, one of our specialists can discuss alternative treatment methods with you.

    Dental implants from Lidums Dental also provide excellent replacement of the original function of your teeth. With over 35 years of experience, (Dr Arnis Lidums) is an expert when it comes to dentures. With our up-to-date technology, we can provide the most effective restorative treatment options for missing or failing teeth. This option is reliable and long-lasting because it essentially replaces tooth roots and works just like natural teeth.

    Dr Lidums also has a permanent solution for patients with anxiety about losing their teeth. The All-on-4 Teeth-in-a-Day Dental Implant treatment is an innovative procedure with high success rates. Immediate dental implants are also popular among our patients. If you have lost or are about to lose a tooth, in the right conditions, a dental implant can be placed and restored in one day. No more putting up with gaps or wearing a denture during the healing phase. Contact us to receive the best dental prosthesis in Adelaide.

    Reasons to Choose Lidums Dental

    Besides our 30 years of experience in dentistry, we also love what we do, and we keep on improving our practice. We provide our dental team with training every week. Our team uses systems and checklists that ensure consistent quality outcomes. Lidums Dental is also equipped with modern technology such as an In-House X-ray facility and In-House Lab. This allows us to maintain our quality and meet our patients’ needs. We also provide our patients with recovery spaces for longer procedures and have designed the clinic/rooms for the best in patient flow.

    Dental Prosthesis Adelaide

    If you are missing some teeth or experiencing tooth decay, consider getting the best dental prosthesis in Adelaide. Call Lidums Dental to talk to one of our Treatment Coordinators.

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