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    Offers are only available upon validation of online registration prior to the consultation appointment.  You will receive an email confirming your eligibility, please print and present the email at your initial appointment for validation.


    Complimentary Consultations include only those consultations to explore Dental Implant treatment for those people who have failing teeth, numerous missing teeth or completely edentulous (no teeth) . Where a Comprehensive Examination or diagnostic procedures are required to explore treatments other than dental implants, an examination fee will apply for that component. If you already have Dental Implants, a Full New Patient Consultation & Assessment is required to assess your particular situation and will also require an OPG to assess the Dental Implants you have.


    Free Implant X-Ray Assessment includes the taking of Scanning OPGs and refers to digital image for implant site evaluation by the dentist and/or implant surgeon.  It does not include dental x-rays for the diagnosis of tooth decay or gum conditions and does not include any printouts, duplication or copies for the patient.

    If you require more exact costs for Dental Implant Treatment, a Conebeam X-ray (3D X-ray) is required and this includes the taking of the digital image, the analysis and discussion with you of your 3D X-rays.


    Extended Treatment Offer is only available for full set treatments (All-On-4).


    Results may vary depending on whether you have existing restorations. The whitening process will not change the colour of existing restorations in your mouth. You may consider having these restorations replaced prior to having your whitening treatment in order to match whitening outcomes.


    The Consultation Offer and Extended Treatment Offer (or components each thereof) may not be combined with any other separate offer, and are always subject to our standard terms and conditions of trade available on request. The offer may be cancelled or changed without notice.