Dental Hygienists

Hygienists are involved in the preventative care of your oral environment

This care can range from the prevention of disease right through to the detection of potential problems in the future, such as cracks in teeth that may turn into breakages. Meet our dental hygienist team that work so hard to ensure your total oral health.

Wendy Henderson, Ass.Dip, DHyg
Dental Hygienist

Professional Career

Wendy is the key person involved in maintaining people’s smiles for a life time. Whether you require a quick polish to spruce up your smile for the weekend or require disease prevention counselling, Wendy has the latest information available to help you.

Wendy has been an important member of Dr Lidums’ team for over 15 years. She is very involved with the dental implant aspect of our Practice and has participated in the training of dentists to further their knowledge in this area. Wendy has a wealth of experience not only in preventative dental care and the latest cosmetic dental trends (eg. tooth whitening), she can also give you the latest information on many aspects of dental prevention such as tooth wear and the management of the dry mouth.

Wendy is often called upon to give advice when all else has failed. The counselling and maintenance that Wendy can provide will ensure that your healthy new smile is around for the long term.

Patients often remark that the information Wendy provides was extremely valuable and will help keep their mouths healthy for the rest of their lives.

Professional Affiliations

Wendy has been an active member in the dental community and has extensive ongoing further education. Current Memberships include the: Dental Hygiene Association (SA Branch), Australian Society of Periodontology (SA Branch).


Wendy is married and enjoys spending time away from the mouth with her husband, Neil, daughter, Claire and son Tate.  Wendy is very involved in the kid’s ballet and sport and is also interested in photography, travel and numerous crafts.

Kelly Parbs, Dental Hygienist

Kelly, one of our wonderful hygienists, has moved to the country to support her husband in his role as a pilot for the Royal Flying Doctors Service. We wish them the very best and look forward to catching up with Kelly when she come to Adelaide to visit.