The Secret to Dr Arnis Lidums’ Dental Philosophy

It’s not about running a business; it’s about providing high quality service…

Dr Arnis Lidums’ passion and devotion to dental care goes much deeper than this, and any one of his patients can attest to his undying love for providing stellar service and results every time.

Dr Lidums’ combines a personalised patient-focused approach with dental innovation…

Remaining on the forefront of dental science and art, Dr Lidums has committed himself to receiving ongoing professional development to better service his patients and set the bar for unparalleled patient care. It is through this philosophy that Dr Arnis Lidums is able to build a rapport with his patients and truly understand their needs and aspirations for dental care.

Understanding his patients means he knows how to achieve best results…

By incorporating high-tech dental treatments, such as the All-On-4 featured recently on Today Tonight, Dr Lidums can effectively and efficiently restore and rejuvenate damaged or broken smiles.

The All-On-Four procedure is an innovative dental treatment that allows Dr Lidums to streamline the entire process, from planning, surgery, sedation, restoration and technical and laboratory aspects. The benefits of this procedure are many, and include:

  • No dentures
  • Only 4 implants per jaw (unless poor bone)
  • The entire procedure can be done at one location
  • No period without fixed teeth
  • High Success Rate
  • Performed under Sedation/General Anaesthetic
  • Less recovery time

We are so committed to providing the best treatment that we have a dedicated facility for this treatment…

Our dental practice is a safe and uniquely designed sanctuary for our patients, and was specifically built to closely manage the demands of safe surgery and anaesthesia. Not only this, our practice manages the meticulous restorative and laboratory phases so we can give you quality results fast!

If you are unhappy with the look, feel, form or function of your smile, book an appointment with us at Lidums Dental in Adelaide so you can benefit from our comprehensive dental examinations and effective treatment!

Since our spotlight on Today Tonight, we have realised our dental practice is very hard to spell!

By looking at what our patients are writing about us, asking of us, or enquiring Google about us, we have been able to see that our dental practice and Arnis’ name are very easy to misspell, and have found our top five favourite misspellings – and we want to share them with you!

The most popular misspell we noticed is ‘Arnie’ instead of Arnis, and the only image that came to mind was of was Arnold Schwarzenegger huddled over a dental chair – it might just be us, but that would be the last person we would want touching or extracting our teeth! Read on to see our other favourite misspellings…

  1. Arnie Liddum
  2. Arnie Lidam
  3. Arnus Liddums
  4. Lidhams Dental
  5. Lidhums Dental

If you have encountered any other misspellings of our practice or of our executive dentist, Dr Arnis Lidums, we would love to know!

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