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  • Permanent teeth and implants so you can enjoy life again

    Many of our patients come to us with anxiety around losing their teeth or finding it hard to cope with dentures. If you’re missing most or all of your teeth, fearing life with dentures or not coping with dentures, Dr. Lidums has a solution for you with the All-on-4™ Teeth-in-a-Day Dental Implant Treatment.

    So many of our patients have said they just want to be able to eat an apple again, or a good steak. They have opened up and talked about their fear of going out with friends due to the embarrassment they feel about their smile or the difficulty in choosing something they can eat off the menu. This can be quite distressing to talk about. Our team are very careful to be respectful of circumstances and previous experiences so they can support our patients through this journey.  If it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed a crisp apple or juicy steak or find you avoid social situations because you are embarrassed about your teeth (or lack of) then maybe the All-on-4™ Teeth -in-a-Day Dental Implants could be for you.

    Give us a call and we’ll ensure you get to hear patients who have had similar treatment share their story on video or live in person. Many of them have been so overwhelmed with gratitude, they have talked with others who may be considering similar treatment. We are grateful to them in offering their time to share their personal experiences with those who may also have fear, anxiety or concerns around Dental Implant Treatment.

    Benefits of All-On-4™ Dental Implants

    Here’s Kylie’s story on how the All-on-4 changed her life;:

    Kylie’s video: Permanent teeth and implants so you can enjoy life again

    The All-On-4 Teeth-in-a-day Dental Implant Treatment comes with many features:

    • No removable dentures
    • Only 4 implants per jaw (unless poor bone)
    • Only a day without fixed teeth
    • The entire procedure can be done at one location
    • Performed under IV Sedation/General Anaesthetic
    • Prevents sunken jaw, wrinkles
    • Smile, talk and eat with confidence
    • Less recovery time
    • High success rate
    • Look & feel years younger

    Designed to be a Dental Implant Centre of Excellence, Lidums Dental strives to provide innovative Immediate Dental Implant protocols and technologies


    Performed in the comfort and safety of our own dental facility, this procedure is conducted under IV sedation or under General Anaesthetic in Hospital administered by our group of experienced Anaesthetists.

    This procedure is very reliable and Lidums Dental consistently experiences a high success rate.

    Are you a suitable candidate for the All-On-4™ Teeth-in-a-Day Dental Implant procedure?

    In order to be sure you are a suitable candidate for this procedure, Dr. Arnis Lidums will assess:

    • If there is enough bone – assessed with 3D x-rays and software
    • Your general health and healing capacity – smokers may need to go through a smoking cessation program or accept a traditional delayed approach
    • Your dental goals – a basic blueprint both agree on
    • Any dental disease – assessed and treated prior to implant placement, to reduce bacteria in the mouth
    • Your ability to commit to having a soft diet for two months – during dental implant and bone integration

    Call us today for a complimentary All-on-4™ Teeth-in-a-Day Dental Implant Treatment consultation.

    If you would like to hear more amazing patient stories, please follow this link to our Youtube channel.

    All on 4 teeth in a day, dental implants
    All on 4 Adelaide

    A Group of Highly Trained and Experienced Dental Practitioners

    With so many dental practitioners offering dental implants in Adelaide, how do you know you are getting the quality you want and the reliability you need? Look for highly experienced specialists like the Lidums Dental team.

    We are dedicated to helping patients like you to find the health, comfort and function you need to regain your self-esteem and enjoy life’s pleasures, such as eating, laughing and communicating with others without the embarrassment of a missing tooth.

    Dental Implants Adelaide
    Dental Implants Adelaide

    We take the time to listen to our patients, explain procedures and use the most advanced techniques to provide the highest-quality treatment possible. Apart from dental implants, here are the other treatments that we offer:

    • Treatment Plans
    • Full Dental Facelift
    • Function and Reconstruction
    • Dentures
    • Dental Implants
    • Immediate Implants
    • All-On-4 Dental Implants
    • Complex Transformations
    • Sleep Dentistry
    • Instant Orthodontics
    • Dental Disaster Management

    3 Signs You Need Dental Implants Adelaide

    Missing, malformed or damaged teeth can be a source of frustration for many people. Not only can gaps in your smile affect the way you look and feel, but they can also impact your overall oral health.

    While there are several options for dealing with missing teeth, dental implants Adelaide is becoming increasingly popular. Unlike dentures, this treatment is a permanent solution for tooth replacement.

    While the process can be more complicated than standard dentures, it offers numerous benefits to dental patients. Here’s how you can tell you need a dental implant:

    • You have an adult tooth missing– Having missing teeth can make eating and speaking difficult, causing you to feel self-conscious. Thankfully, you can opt for a dental implant, as it is designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth. This solution can instantly restore your smile.
    • Your Teeth are Severely Cracked – Dentists always strive to save your natural teeth, but if your tooth is beyond repair, it might be necessary for them to extract it. A dental implant will not only restore your smile but will also help recover your mouth’s overall functionality.
    • Your Dentures are Already Loose – Loose-fitting dentures can impact your day-to-day life, as it requires removal for cleaning and adhesives to keep them in place. Dental implants Adelaide is a convenient alternative, as you will no longer have to worry about your dentures becoming loose.

    Why Should You Choose Lidums Dental?

    There are many options when it comes to finding the best dentists in your area, but there are several reasons why you should choose us to perform your treatments, such as dental implants Adelaide. Here are some reasons:

    • We have general dentists and specialists.
    • Our All-On-4 treatment is unique to our clinic, which helps us approach complicated dental problems efficiently and accurately.
    • We have an In-House Lab – ensuring quality control and fast turnaround
    • Likewise, we have In-House (2-D & 3-D) X-ray facilities.
    • Our clinic is spacious and has comfortable recovery spaces for more lengthy procedures.
    • Our team is composed of tenured professionals who are friendly and approachable. We are here to guide you and let you know that there is hope for your dental problem.

    If you suspect you need to undergo dental implants Adelaide, or you have other concerns about how best to care for your oral health, contact our office at (08) 8223 3531