Transform your smile and reclaim your confidence with Lidums Dental

At Lidums Dental in Adelaide we can help you feel good about your smile

If you are unhappy with your smile because it is crooked, chipped, broken or misaligned, we can tailor a treatment plan to restore your smile to full beauty and function! We can even design a full mouth rehabilitation, which requires a deeper understanding of inter-related issues such as function, health, occlusion and aesthetics.

What is a full mouth rehabilitation?

A full mouth rehabilitation is an extensive examination of the condition of your mouth, so we can tailor treatment plans to help restore your smile to full glory. Some full mouth rehabilitations need more than just one treatment, and require us to consider:

  • Tooth wear
  • Aesthetics
  • Bite & Function
  • Disease Control
  • Tooth Extractions

We assess why your teeth are failing…

We take a total approach to your oral issues, and endeavour to find the source of your oral issues and pain by asking some of these questions:

  • Is saliva flow and function adequately protecting your teeth?
  • Is diet leading to risk?
  • Are oral hygiene habits effective?
  • Is there a destructive tooth clenching habit present?
  • Is the occlusion (bite) causing damage?
  • Are the existing restorations functioning well and easy to clean?
  • Are jaw joints and muscles working well?

At Lidums Dental in Adelaide we are committed to your oral health and provide an array of treatments to ensure you have the smile you deserve!

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