Streamline a perfect smile with Dr Arnis Lidums’ All-on-4 treatment!

Inspire yourself every time you look in the mirror with Dr Arnis Lidums’ All-on-4 procedure which involves securing a full bridge of natural looking aesthetic teeth with four strong and sturdy dental implants.

The All-on-4 procedure is an innovative dental implant procedure which is used to treat patients that have experienced severe tooth loss or decay. In the event that one person’s whole mouth has been infected with a form of decay or disease their smile can be completely redesigned and manufactured with Dr Arnis Lidums precise teeth moulding technology.

Recently our All-on-4 procedure was seen on Today Tonight where the general public got to see only two of our many happy patients. This feature brings everyone at our practice great joy, not only because it allows people to see the work we do here at our practice in Adelaide but also because we know that our patients are truly happy and ecstatic about their new smiles.

Lidums Dental in Adelaide has been helping patients smile with the All-on-4 for a long time now. Although recently other dental practices are catching up with us, you can rest assured that no other dental practice can hold a candle to our experience performing this procedure. The ideal candidate for the All-on-4 procedure is somebody who:

  • Has lost a number of teeth
  • Has a majority of infected teeth by decay or disease
  • Is self-conscious about their smile and requires a dental implant procedure
  • Does not want to be restricted by the removability of dentures

Tell me more about the All-on-4 procedure…

The All-on-4 procedure is an all-encompassing dental procedure which has the ability to completely remodel your smile in one (yes ONE) single appointment. This brand new treatment is designed as both a cosmetic and functional enhancement and is far superior to dentures. Dentures are the old fashioned method of full-mouth restoration and are removable which causes a lot of patients to feel like they don’t have real teeth. The All-on-4 procedure rectifies this confidence issue as the synthetic teeth will look, feel and function completely like natural teeth!

The All-on-4 restores your confidence as well as your smile

Our procedure does not only rectify cosmetic smile issues, it also empowers people to be able to express the way they feel on the inside. Lots of people who feel self-conscious about their smiles tend to bottle up their happiness and force their lips over the teeth in order to conceal them.

One of our patients featured on the Today Tonight video suffered this emotional and physical self-esteem issue and states that after the All-on-4 procedure she felt confident enough to smile boldly and proudly. She says:

“I can physically express through my face and smile exactly how I feel on the inside”

Isn’t getting a full set of teeth a very complicated procedure?

To put it simply: no it’s not as complicated as you think. Our all-on-four procedure can be completed in one singular appointment where our primary dentist and dental assistants work together to make the treatment as quick and simple as possible. First of all any failed teeth will be removed and then your dental implants one of our dentists will take a quick mould of your mouth. Then while you are recovering from the procedure and the anaesthetic one of our dentists will make a precise and natural looking mould of your teeth which will be able to be connected to the four dental implants on the top or bottom of your jaw.

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