Reverse facial aging with a dental face-lift!

Although many people associate face-lifts with plastic surgery, they may not realise that significant improvements can be made to faces that have aged prematurely with a dental face-lift.

The premature loss of teeth can have multiple aging effects on the face, and can lead to the loss of lip support, a shortening of the lower facial height, creases in the skin and speech problems. Nose and chin angles can also become more prevalent. This can in turn negatively affect self-confidence, leaving people too embarrassed to speak and smile freely.

Advanced cosmetic procedures

A dental face-lift can reverse the effects of tooth loss, making you look younger. The range of cosmetic dental procedures offered at Lidums Dental range from simple tooth whitening to full mouth reconstructions, which may include the application of veneers, crowns and bridges, dental implants and orthodontics. Many of these changes are irreversible, so it is vital that our clients feel confident and happy that the alterations to their mouth will result in a smile that suits them 100%.

Try before you buy

Using a range of still photography, video, study models and mock-ups, the experienced Prosthodontists at Lidums Dental are able to create an accurate prediction of what your finished smile will look like after the changes have been made, taking into account the unique shape of your face. This means that you can ‘try before you buy’, to ensure that you are 100% happy with what your new smile will look like before any irreversible changes are made to the structure of your face.

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