Magical Molars!: Dr Arnis Lidums’ Guide to Healthy Teeth & Gums through Good Dental Hygiene

Let Dr Arnis Lidums’ 25 years’ experience guide you through signs and treatments for dental hygiene issues

Plaque and how to manage it

Plaque is an umbrella term for bacteria that can damage the teeth and the substance which it secretes. Plaque lives on a thing called biofilm which is an adhesive chemical produced by bacteria. The problem with plaque is that the substance that the bacteria secrete is acidic and can damage tooth enamel and even cause cavities when left on the teeth for extended periods of time. Because of this it is extremely important to give your teeth a thorough and deep clean at least twice a day.

Plaque production is also lessened when you refrain from eating sugar, as plaque thrives in a sugary environment. So if you can’t resist that chocolate bar or cake, it would be beneficial to your dental hygiene if you brushed your teeth soon afterwards as it only takes 20 minutes after eating for plaque to build up again. Another tip on reducing plaque is plaque locating tablets which use a dye to highlight plaque in the mouth. You can then be sure that you’re being thorough when you’re brushing your teeth.

White teeth is not always a good thing

Buying teeth whitener from places other than your dentist for a discounted price is often not worth the money saved as they often contain harsher chemicals and can therefore damage enamel and the general health of your teeth. Always ask one of the dentists at Lidums Dental, Adelaide if you or your child is considering using a store bought teeth whitener or if you would like your teeth professionally whitened which is always the safest option.

Avoiding the dentist?

It is never a good idea to avoid the dentist. At Lidums Dental we understand that you might be anxious about seeing a dentist that’s why we offer oral sedation and medication to ease stress which is often attributed to seeing the dentist. Our practice is also a relaxing environment where you will constantly feel welcome and relaxed.

Another issue that people often avoid is light throbbing pain or non-severe pain. Putting off light pain, especially if it’s recurring can signify a deeper dental issue such as gum disease or tooth decay and should be seen to by contacting us at Lidums Dental, Adelaide as soon as possible. On top of monitoring your own dental routine we recommend you come and see us at least twice a year to ensure the best optimal health for your teeth.

Accidents are an emergency

If you have recently been involved in a sports accident or just a mishap involving your teeth always make an urgent appointment with Lidums Dental so we can ensure the best cosmetic outcome for your smile. We have a team of prosthodontists who are all qualified to perform dental implant procedures, veneers or whatever dental treatment you may need.

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