Experience a dental solution that is specifically tailored to you

At Lidums Dental we are committed to providing high quality treatments and understand that identifying your needs is the crucial first step to exceptional dental care…

Are you looking to fix your smile? At Lidums Dental we can tailor a specific treatment plan just for you so you can enjoy a beautiful, new smile. If you are unhappy with the aesthetic quality or functionality of your mouth, we have a wide array of dental treatments that can restore, rejuvenate and revive your smile.

A multitude of our patients have a variety of concerns which land into the following main categories:

  • Sub-par Aesthetic quality – Tooth and Facial
  • Jaw alignment Difficulties
  • Compromised Function – Biting and Speech
  • Weakened, Broken and Worn Down Teeth
  • Discomfort
  • Ill Health
  • Irritating Dentures
  • Stress and Reduction of Self-esteem
  • Dental Disease – Decomposition or Periodontal Illness
  • Dental Disaster – Serious Full Mouth Problems

Your method plan refinement…

Clients have individual demands and problems to address. Whether your aspirations are simple or complex, there is seldom only one “optimum procedure plan”. Each of our patients is unique, so we will invest time and effort discovering you, designing your case, sharing our instructions and achieving beautiful teeth to enjoy.

Normally the strategy is modified to match particular needs:

  • Oral health care Problems, Aesthetics, Function, Health
  • Clinical Requirements
  • Urgency
  • Social Expectations
  • Budget

Frequently, when clients choose specific method, their strategy needs to be tailored to match temporary and long-term aims and to always easily fit into budget.

We engineer not only to your condition, but also to your budget…

If finances are a worry, people may like to stage remedies so that the same stable and beautiful result can be achieved with staging over a few years. In the short-term, it is viable to address most vital needs only.

Dental health design…

To obtain an outstanding steady outcome in a more involved situation often demands a multitude of steps, much like the strategy involved in devoloping and engineering a house. Simple straight-forward problems may be addressed quickly. More serious issues will involve further analysis and knowledge of all ailments before continuing.

Our role is like that of a Dental Designer. This may involve numerous important strategies:

  • The First Visit to get acquainted with you and supply an overview of results and strategies
  • Information Collection and Further Evaluation to identify subsequent issues in further detail
  • Mouth Organisation to ensure a stable mouth prior to treatment and to always supply long-term health
  • Treatment Strategy Development confirms procedure details including cosmetic and practical aspirations
  • The Last Aesthetic and Regenerative Plan allows for changes to suit your condition

The Optimal Method

The Formula is like a plan which determines clear goals for a major outcome. It proves the recommended optimal tooth structure for visuals and the jaw alignment. Having the blueprint avoids the possibility of a poorly planned, ad-hoc manner that may create a less than optimum result.

Our experience will oftentimes help to reveal ailments and swiftly reduce your concerns. We are always happy to answer your queries and concerns, so you can relax knowing you are in capable hands. At Lidums Dental in Adelaide we are always committed to providing you with high quality treatment combined with an unsurpassed level of care.

Discover your new smile with us at Lidums Dental, where we strive to transform broken, discoloured smiles into harmonious, brilliant and striking teeth that are designed to impress.

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