Dr Arnis Lidums can transform, reconstruct and save your smile

Lidums Dental in Adelaide provides a range of treatments, from restorative dentistry to emergency dentistry.

Here at our Adelaide clinic we are passionate about our comprehensive range of treatments, surgeries and procedures. We are proud to be one of the best dentists in Adelaide and when it comes to your teeth our entire team are dedicated and diligent. Dr Arnis Lidums is a fully qualified prosthodontist which means that he has undertaken an extra three years of training to provide you with a more in-depth dental experience for the whole family.

Transform your smile with our cosmetic dentistry…

If aesthetic or cosmetic problems are the source of your dental worries rest assured that we have the highest-class cosmetic dentistry available. The straightness of teeth is one of the most common concerns that our patients have. A straight smile is powerful, and it has the ability to enchant, stimulate and brighten somebody’s day. One of the procedures which we have special interest in here is the dental face lift which goes far beyond general cosmetic dentistry. The teeth are the objects which support the lips and the jaw, two things which can make you look much older than you are. Many people get veneers as part of their smile makeover because they can make the lips protrude more making them appear more plump and youthful.

Restore your smile with our restorative dentistry procedures

Many people require restorative dentistry as they get older. There are many components of the teeth that can be affected by dental complications such as enamel loss, chipped teeth and tooth decay to name a few. Tooth decay and gum disease can often lead to extraction which can be damaging to aesthetics and function of your smile. In order to maintain total function your dentist at Lidums Dental will put in place a dental implant which will maintain the total structure and appearance of your smile. A dental implant is a small titanium support that is placed into the jawbone, which will later be concealed by a porcelain crown. Crowns can also be used to preserve natural teeth if you lose a lot of enamel or if part of your tooth has been damaged or eroded. A crown will protect the dentine and pulp within your teeth that is a lot softer than the glass-like enamel that coats your teeth.

Save your smile in the case of a dental disaster

Not only do we offer comprehensive dental plans to our patients we can also perform spontaneous dentistry when you get a nasty surprise such as an injured tooth or section of gum. Some dental disasters also occur due to neglecting your oral health regime or twice-yearly dental visits. In both cases loss of a lot of teeth is a common occurrence. If this happens to you you can rest assured that we offer the all-on-4 procedure which involves the insertion of 4 titanium implants which have the power to support an entire arch of teeth. Many older people opt for this treatment due to the added benefits and advancement it offers when compared to average dentures which are removable and irritating at times.

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