Constructing a dental plan for your future

As we age our teeth requirements will change, and so will our smile ambitions…

When it comes to creating a beautiful smile that will last decades, the cosmetic team at Lidums Dental in Adelaide are experts. We have special interest in creating dental plans for our patients which enables them to conquer the parts of their smile that concern them, and replace them with a brighter, higher quality smile. We can help alleviate a number of issues in your smile such as:

In order to construct your plan we will take into consideration what ailments you suffer from. Once these have been determined we will be able to make a dental plan based on your budget, urgency and expectations.

Problem: Discoloured, misshapen and/or crooked teeth

Solution: The cosmetic smile makeover plan

The cosmetic smile makeover plan will involve a number of cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth whitening, bonding and veneers. Depending on the severity of discolouration your dentist at Lidums Dental may recommend laser teeth whitening or veneers – which are thin ‘cases’ which slip over your natural teeth. Veneers can also help conceal misshapen teeth or teeth that have been chipped on the surface. If you suffer from crooked teeth you may be able to use veneers to straighten your smile, or if your teeth are more severely crooked you may require orthodontics.

Problem: Uncomfortable dentures, missing teeth, dental disaster

Solution: The dental disaster and restorative plan with dental implants and the all-on-4

If you have lost a tooth in the past and have a denture installed our team of experts can replace it with a more permanent dental implant. Dental implants not only improve the aesthetic, function and comfort of your smile they also give your jaw bone the correct amount of stimulation it needs in order to remain strong. Another reason for dental implant installation is if you have suffered a dental disaster which has caused one of your teeth to fall out or has incurred an extraction performed by one of our dentists. If this is your problem we will most likely recommend a dental implant to fill in the void. If you have lost multiple teeth due to a dental accident we can also provide relief with the all-on-4 procedure which involves the insertion of multiple crowns ‘all-on-4’ dental implants.

All of our smile makeovers and dental plans are designed with your confidence in mind

With a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and reconstruction, we are passionate about function and aesthetic. Both of these requirements of your smile can enhance your confidence and make you feel proud of your pearly whites. If you’ve been searching for a way to enhance your smile and more we can provide dentofacial makeovers or dental face-lifts in order to improve your facial profile and even the appearance of your lips. Many people choose this option to create a more aesthetically pleasing jaw line and a more supple and youthful lip.

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