Complex Transformations

At Lidums Dental we utilise two main approaches when dealing with complex cases – Conform or Transform

When multiple complex dental issues are present, we are able to take a comprehensive approach and implement our specialist knowledge in restorative and cosmetic dental care to produce a superior outcome. In some instances, it may be more beneficial to transform the mouth rather than conform, which involves a deeper understanding of interrelated issues: function, health, occlusion and aesthetics.

Conformative approach for isolated issues

Isolated dental issues are typically best dealt with a conformable approach, which works to simply fix the specific isolated problem by ensuring it matches the rest of the smile, for example conform to existing bite, shape, colour and position. This approach is generally taken when the rest of the mouth is balanced, healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Transformation approach for complex problems

For more than one dental concern, a more comprehensive approach may be necessary. Should significant changes be required in the bite or overall appearance of the mouth, Dr Arnis Lidums will conduct a thorough assessment in order to develop a blueprint (smile and bite plan) that will solve these concerns.

While Dr Lidums is assessing the condition of the mouth, he will be taking many factors into consideration, such as:

Tooth wear

If teeth are worn short, they may require lengthening, and by re-establishing the original tooth length, we will be able to produce more durable restorations, improve function, enhance appearance and reduce risk to tooth nerves.


Should the teeth be discoloured, yellowed or stained, Dr Lidums will establish acceptable aesthetics prior to addressing a single tooth issue by asking if a whitening treatment would be preferable before the restoration.

Bite and Function

If the bite is poor due to misaligned or broken teeth, Dr Lidums will discuss your options with you with a long-term approach in mind.

Disease Control

At Lidums Dental, we are proud of our Disease Assessment and Control Program, where our dental hygiene team are amongst the most experienced in Adelaide and are involved in teaching Disease Preventative Considerations and Advanced Techniques to other dental professionals.

Teeth Beyond Hope

If most teeth are missing, severely diseased or have failed, the remaining teeth may need to be extracted. Here we are able to provide a dental transformation with full flexibility to ensure improved bite, appearance, function and health. If teeth are found to be failing, we assess the ‘why’ and provide valuable information to ensure stability in future.

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