5 Questions To Ask Your Dentist

As a health provider, your Adelaide Dentist is a key contributor to your dental health and overall health. Having a healthy mouth also helps your body be healthy too. So, selecting a dentist that you truly trust, and has the qualifications and experience to match, is vital.

We all have different backgrounds and experiences when it comes to the Dentist. The ability for your dentist to listen to and understand your dental history and experiences (good and bad) are important so you can receive the best care for your particular situation. What is a perfect treatment for one person, may not suit another. It’s important your dentist can explain things to you so that you can fully understand what is happening in your mouth without feeling silly or embarrassed. Then you can make the right decision about what you want or need to do.

Choose The Best Adelaide Dentist For You

The best way to guarantee your Adelaide Dentist is the right fit for you is to ask questions that will give you insight into their approach to dental health and treatment options. Their answers will guide in making the right choice for your mouth health.

5 Questions to ask you Adelaide Dentist:

  1. How can I improve the health of my mouth?

If you could only ask one question to a prospective Adelaide Dentist, this would be it. It’s one thing to fix the problem, but how do we improve our situation to minimise problems in the future? Furthermore, can give you an in-depth explanation of how they can help in your individual situation? Ask for a plan that helps overcome some of the hurdles you have faced previously, like emergencies, pain, difficulty eating, cleaning etc. Your Adelaide dentist will be able to provide dental treatment or advice to improve you gums and teeth so you can continue to keep your mouth healthy, even when you’re not at the dentist.

  1. How can I maintain the health of my mouth?

Many people think daily dental care is brushing for 2 minutes twice a day. However, there are many things you can do daily to improve your oral health. Advice and treatment on everything from flossing, to special rinse aids for certain mouth conditions, dietary advice (it’s quite surprising how many foods can damage our teeth), nightguards, protective covers on teeth and special toothbrushes can be discussed and provided by your Adelaide Dentist or Hygienist. Your Dentist will be able to provide you with up to date advice and recommendations for your particular situation.

Can you perform a Complete Dental Physical for me?

What is a Complete Dental Physical?

A Complete Dental Physical will provide information that goes beyond looking for decay. It will assess your whole bite, function, strength of your teeth, gums and bone so you can know exactly what is happening. Your Adelaide dentist is the most qualified person to identify potential issues in your teeth, gums and other parts of your mouth. To correctly approach each one, the first requirement is the identification of the problem. Your Adelaide Dentist will be able to offer treatment options that will suit your situation, there is never only one way. Our Oral Health is a window into what is happening in the rest of our body. It’s well known that our Oral Health can impact our general health. Your Adelaide Dentist will know the signs to look for to ensure you know what’s going on and, importantly, how to manage your situation best.

  1. How long will my teeth last?

For some people, a history of grinding, tooth loss, fragile teeth can result in ongoing ‘fixes’ and possibly even ongoing tooth loss and reduced eating capacity.

Imagine being able to know how long your teeth can last and what options you have to get the best out of them?

Your Adelaide Dentist will be able to plan for the future health of your teeth and gums by outlining what might happen if you continue with minimal treatment or how things can be improved through looking at the whole mouth. Much like upgrading your home, you may want to update your kitchen, and if the house is sound and has good ‘bones’, then great, upgrade the kitchen. However, if there is salt damp, termites and unstable foundations, you may need to consider rebuilding the whole house and start afresh. Sometimes a quick fix or small treatments can be ideal. At other times, there may need to be more time and diagnosis done to really understand what is happening, where things are headed and what can be done to ‘fix’ things for the long-term. This might include x-rays, gum assessments, bone assessments, bite assessments and most importantly, a discussion on how you are managing with your current dental situation. Your Adelaide dentist will be able to explain dental problems and solutions in an easy to understand way to help you make the best decision for your mouth. Having the right information on the health and stability of your teeth and gums can help you to plan for the future.

  1. How can I make my smile more attractive?

Not everyone wants to improve their smile, but if you do, then your Adelaide Dentist can discuss what options might be available to you. Whether you do or don’t want to improve your smile, it’s your choice and your Dentist will be able to show you before and after photos of what they have achieved for others using different treatment methods.

It’s not just plaque and decay that patients worry about. For many people, their confidence comes from their smile, it’s how they portray themselves to those in their world. If your smile is not allowing you to socialise or interact as you want, then maybe a ‘Smile Assessment’ can offer you options to improve your smile. In today’s environment of cosmetic improvements, teeth are no different. In fact, did you know having dental treatment can provide lip and facial support that had previously been lost. Your Adelaide Dentist will understand the options available and possibly reduce the need for injectables. The desire for a natural, whiter smile is one of the many motivators for patients to visit their Adelaide dentist.

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