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  • Lidums Cosmetic Dental Adelaide

    • Our Adelaide Cosmetic Dental Team

      Our Team enriches people's lives, giving hope to those in dental despair — at Lidums Dental, we are dedicated to changing your life
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      We acknowledge some patients require more complex treatments, which can become more costly; and therefore, we have designed financial plans that can support our patients throughout their dental journey.
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    Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide, All-on-4 Teeth-in-a-Day

    Welcome to Lidums Cosmetic Dentistry Adelaide

    Our team enriches people’s lives, giving hope to those in dental despair – at Lidums Dental, we are dedicated to changing your life

    Over 25 years of dedication, innovation, research and development has seen Dr Arnis Lidums establish the ultimate Centre of Excellence in Dentistry; one of the most modern and comprehensively equipped dental centres nation-wide. A passion for creating a dental centre that combines the ultimate in quality, skill and results.

    Dr Lidums was advised early on in his dental career that he had good hands and should consider a Specialist field of training to make the most of his talent. So Dr Lidums completed his 5 year General Dental qualification, and after being invited to join Specialist Training for Prosthodontics, and went on to complete the 3 year Specialist Training Program at Adelaide University. With a Master’s Degree in Dental Surgery and Dental Board Specialist Registration as a Prosthodontist, Dr Lidums has now made it his life’s purpose to restore patient’s smiles and function through carefully considered and clinically proven techniques.

    • Fully tailored treatment plan
    • Consistent commitment to give you the best solutions
    • Majority of patients refer to our dental transformations as an invaluable experience

    Contact Lidums Dental Today on (08) 8223 3531

    We Value Your Family's Health and Your Time

    At Lidums Dental, our friendly and knowledgeable team is committed to satisfying your dental needs. The practice principal, Dr Arnis Lidums, is one of Australia’s most-experienced and qualified Specialist Dentists – at the forefront of teaching and providing advanced restorative dentistry, dental implant and cosmetic dental care.

    Complex Cosmetic Dental Transformations

    At Lidums Dental we utilise two main approaches when dealing with complex cases – Transform or Conform
    When multiple complex dental issues are present, we are able to take a comprehensive approach and implement specialist knowledge in Restorative and Cosmetic dental care to produce a predictable outcomes. In some instances, it can be more beneficial to Transform someone’s dental situation rather than Conform. This involves a deeper understanding of interrelated issues: such as function, health, occlusion/bite, longevity, dental materials and aesthetics.

    Your First Lidums Dental Visit

    Prior to your first visit, we will be curious to know more about your dental situation and will ask questions to help set your appointment up to ensure the best outcome for you on the day of your consultation with our Specialist, Dr Arnis Lidums.

    • Meet your treatment coordinator
    • Photography
    • Interview with Dr Lidums
    • Clinical Examination
    • Discussion & Treatment Options
    • Result Portfolios
    • Mouth Preparation
    • Treatment Costs

    Meet The Lidums Dental Team

    It’s the people who make Lidums Dental what it is and we are extremely proud of the achievements of our team. We all work together to help our patients through their dental journey, providing the best possible treatment and care.

    A Prosthodontist is a Specialist in Reconstructive and Cosmetic procedures with skills and training beyond the standard 5 year General Dental Degree. Dr Arnis Lidums is a Qualified Prosthodontist who is able to fix broken teeth by providing clinically proven dental treatments in his world-class facility. Prosthodontists are Dental Board Registered Specialists trained to a Post Graduate level to restore or replace teeth utilising veneers, crowns, bridges, implants and dentures.

    Dr Arnis Lidums

    Dr Maryam Alavi
    General and Dental Implant Dentist

    Wendy Henderson
    Senior Hygienist