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  • Wendy Henderson, Senior Dental Hygienist

    Professional Career

    I have a very kind and gentle manner, allowing patients to feel at ease and comfortable with their treatment and maintenance. I’m the key person involved in maintaining people’s smiles for a life time. Whether you require a quick polish to spruce up your smile for the weekend or require Disease Prevention Counselling, I’ve got the latest information available to help you.

    Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide, Hygienist at Lidums Dental

    I’ve been an important member of Dr Lidums’ team for over 20 years. I have seen it grow from a 1 Surgery practice through to a 5 surgery practice. Sharing my knowledge with new team members to help them perform their roles is very rewarding.  It’s also been great to be part of improving processes and systems as well as being part of the Leadership team. I appreciate their confidence in my ability to lead and mentor our Team at Lidums dental.

    I’ve been very involved with the Dental Implant aspect of Lidums dental right from the beginning and have loved participating in the training of dentists to further their knowledge in this area. I had the privilege of attending many Dental Implant courses with Dr Lidums over the years as well as ensuring to keep up to date on Oral Hygiene techniques and research. I love attending ongoing Education and will always take the opportunity to learn more.

    I have a wealth of experience not only in preventative dental care and the latest cosmetic dental trends. I love sharing the latest information with my patients on many aspects of dental prevention such as tooth wear, medication and its impact on the oral environment and the management of the dry mouth, to name a few.

    I’m often called upon to give advice when all else has failed. The counselling and maintenance I provide ensures your healthy new smile is around for the long term.

    Patients often remark that the information I provide is extremely valuable and will help keep their mouths healthy for the rest of their lives.

    Professional Affiliations

    I have been an active member in the dental community and have extensive ongoing further education. I’m a current member of the Dental Hygiene Association of Australia. 


    My patients are like family to me and I love not only looking after their dental maintenance and needs, but also love to hear about their lives and families. This inspires and drives me to provide the best care and advice for them to ensure they can have sustainable and long term oral health.

    On a personal note, I’m married to Neil and we have 2 adult children, Clare & Tate. They have both grown into wonderful mature adults, chasing their dreams and fulfilling their potential. Clare is studying dance and is a very accomplished Dance teacher as well. Tate is taking the opportunity to earn some cash to fund some of his many interests.