What’s stopping you from having the dental treatment that will change your life?

Time? Fear? Money?

When visiting the Dentist whether it be for a routine check-up or something more complex, it can prove to be expensive at the best of times. We’ve all been there – browsing online, making phone calls and shopping around to ensure we get the best price for our next dental appointment. Why can’t Dentists just give a rough estimate? Surely if they are the real deal, they’ll have enough experience to know what most people pay for treatment? Below we have listed a few of the reasons why some Dentists and Specialists will not and should not provide you with a price over the phone. Here’s why…


Everyone Is different

In most cases a dental Front Office Coordinator can provide you with item codes and fees for the most common procedures such as a check-up and clean, or crown. At your dental examination, however, the Dentist may see something that determines the need for a different procedure. What was thought to be a simple and straightforward treatment, may be complicated by other factors such as a missing tooth, swollen gums or an uneven bite. These factors can change a somewhat simple procedure into something more complex to be considered carefully before embarking on any treatment.  The same can apply to patients seeking large treatments, when they may just require a simple solution. Providing a cost over the phone without being properly and individually assessed, may result in someone avoiding treatment altogether, when all they require is a single implant. This does happen, believe it or not. It’s wonderful when patients visit us fearing the worst, only to discover things aren’t quite as bad as they first thought.


Cheap as Chips or David Jones?

Every person is different – procedures and costs will vary from patient to patient as well as from dental practice to dental practice. Some Dentists have far more experience, skill and training to provide more predictable outcomes and more importantly, be able to diagnose your dental situation accurately right from the start. It takes a high level of experience, skill and a well-trained dental team to support the desired results that patients wish for. This of course can translate into an increased cost, however, comes with a superior level of longevity, predictability and healthy treatment outcomes due to the Dentist’s skill and ability.


Having your dental situation diagnosed fully before giving fees makes sense so patients are not given incorrect information. Regularly we have patients ring our practice thinking they need the All-on-4 Teeth-in-a-day dental implant treatment, when in fact only a few teeth require treatment. What an unnecessary and expensive outcome for our patients had we guessed the type of treatment required, quoting cost only to be completely wrong.


Lidums Dental free treatment discussion!

Once we have welcomed you to our practice and made sure you are comfortable, we will guide you through completing a brief medical history form to fully understand your situation allowing you to make an informed decision. This involves a thorough review of your teeth, gums, chewing muscles and lumps or bumps in your mouth. We regularly offer a free x-ray to help patients understand their situation more fully in discovering any decay between your teeth, or old leaking fillings that need replacement. Dr Lidums will give you a thorough explanation of what is going on inside your mouth and what’s happening with each tooth. At the end of your visit we give you a treatment plan of findings and pricing so you will know exactly what your treatment costs are – no nasty surpises!

Jane’s story…

At the end of the day if you are after the cheapest treatment, by all means do your research and shop around. If you want treatment that is long-lasting, predictable and carefully planned ahead of time to ensure the healthy results you expected, we welcome your call at Lidums Dental. Let’s finish with Jane’s story.


Jane is a very outgoing and sparkling individual who loves to laugh and make conversation. She had her ‘All-on-4’ dental treatment completed overseas costing around AUD$15,000 including a bridge constructed to eat on. Unfortunately Jane had this removed due a poor fit resulting in pain when eating. Sadly, Jane’s confidence took a nose-dive due having no teeth, suffering severe pain in her lower jaw and worst of all, not being able to eat. When she came to us, she was distraught, experiencing pain in three of her dental implants. Dr Lidums took both 2D and 3D x-rays, showing three of her four implants were failing and would need to be removed. We explained and showed Jane why she was experiencing these challenges with her jaw using these x-rays, and she agreed to have the problem rectified. This treatment cost Jane $28,000 (due to the complex nature of removal and replacing implants), however, she now has teeth to eat with, no pain and best of all, she can smile again! The only regret she has is, “why didn’t I come to Lidums Dental first?” For some patients, there are some things you cannot put a price on.


Please call us to discuss your treatment plan, here is an estimate ‘price-guide’ to help:

Single implant dental treatment: From $2,500 – $7,500.

All-on-4 Teeth-in-a-day dental implant treatment: From $18,000

Overdenture: From $8,000