Payment Plans

At Lidums Dental we acknowledge complex treatments can become quite pricey, and in order to ensure all our patients receive the care they need we are willing to be flexible

At our Adelaide dental practice, we can provide dental treatment that suits your budget for comprehensive treatment, and satisfies both short-term and long-term dental objectives. We are able to offer a range of options to assist you in the critical decision-making process. The cost of providing advanced dental care has reduced in recent years, making dental care more affordable than ever!

Most plans are suited to your particular priorities or financial circumstances, and our friendly team will provide plenty of information for you to assist your decision.

If finances are a concern, we are able to offer staged treatment

Rather than pay a large lump sum upfront, you may prefer to undergo ‘staged treatment’ which allows you to undergo stages of dental treatment over a longer period of time so you can benefit from the same stable and beautiful results, while paying only for the treatment you receive within each stage. In the short-term, it is possible to address most urgent needs only, then moving on to minor needs later.


We accept all major credit cards and can assist you in understanding any other rebates such as health funds, tax rebates or third-party entitlements in order to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.