FAQ: Why would I choose to have my treatment carried out by a prosthodontist?

As a Prosthodontist has undergone years of additional intensive training and education, and a Prosthodontist is a recognised Dental Specialist, unlike “Cosmetic Dentists”, you can be assured you are receiving treatment which takes into account the overall stability of your bite, maximum function and optimum aesthetics.

What is a Prosthodontist? (pronounced Prost-o-don-tist)

A Prosthodontist is a registered Dental Specialist committed to the improvement of function and appearance of teeth through the reconstruction of teeth, the replacement of missing teeth and adjacent oral and facial tissues and the rehabilitation and maintenance of oral health.

A Prosthodontist has completed an additional three years of intensive postgraduate study, research and training enabling them to provide complex restorative treatment at an advanced level.

What does this mean for you?

It means when you see a Prosthodontist, you are under the care of someone who has undergone the right education to provide you an understanding of what is really happening in your mouth and provide you with stable long-term solutions.

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