Prosthetists and Technicians

Our prosthetist, Andrew Colman, owned his own Dental Laboratory and Dental Clinic in the UK for more than 20 years before joining Lidums Dental.

Andrew Colmen, our Prosthetist


Andrew enjoyed a very high standard of education, achieving an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology with Honours from George Brown College, Toronto, Canada. He then progressed to achieve a Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology from the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2007.


Andrew and his family took the opportunity to come to Australia in 2017, wanting to provide a lifestyle for his family that he had experienced when travelling through Australia previously. He enjoys the “Aussie outdoor lifestyle” and his daily morning run after being a keen long distance runner for over 30 years. Other interests include anything with a petrol engine, preferably the bigger the better.

Journey to Lidums Dental

prosthetist andrew lidums dental australiaInterestingly, we did not have a position on offer when Andrew first made contact with us while still living in the UK. He made such an impact on us, after numerous Skype chats we made the best decision ever, to hire Andrew and have been grateful for our decision ever since.

Andrew has brought with him the opportunity to broaden our service to patients, along with the desire to build a team and practice that strives for excellence and quality outcomes.

Prosthetist Services at Lidums Dental

The Optimal Denture System is only available at Lidums Dental where we utilise the very best of worldwide techniques and materials, taking facial measurements, photographs, preparing try-ins for patients (so there are no surprises) to create a truly natural smile. Andrew is a very highly trained Dental Prosthetist who will be designing and creating your teeth and offers a One Year Denture Care Package to cover all adjustments and accidental breakages to maximise your experience.

Most denture repairs can be repaired in our Lidums Dental Laboratory while you wait, just sit back and enjoy a tea or coffee in the patient lounge enjoying our broad selection of magazines or request our Lidums Internet Wi-fi password so you can keep up with what’s happening in the world while you wait.