Case 3: Tooth wear

A woman faces the threat of losing all her teeth. Her friends notice she doesn’t smile much anymore and seems detached – what can be done?

The Problem

Jill presented with significant tooth erosion and severe sensitivity to hot and cold food and liquids.

Jill was a vivacious, confident business woman in Whyalla, but she had become insecure about the appearance of her shortened teeth. Her family, friends and colleagues had noticed she did not smile any¬more.

“I was the girl that didn’t smile…I was just so embarrassed about my teeth and just very conscious of them…I’d get dressed up to go somewhere and everything was perfect, except for my teeth…and when asked for a photo…I’d go to the back and hide behind everyone else!”

After several failed Root Canal Treatments, Jill was also facing the threat of losing all her teeth and desperately wanted to avoid dentures.

“When I first came to Arnis, my ultimate fear was that I was going to wear dentures, because I just didn’t think that with the way my teeth were…… that there was anything that could possibly be done.”

The Solution

After our assessment, Jill was relieved to learn that she could keep her teeth. Jill’s dental transformation involved tooth lengthening to gain the original tooth length.

The anticipated result was tested with a trial smile to assess the proposed appearance of the new teeth in her mouth.  Veneers and crowns were then used to create a smile aimed to reignite Jill’s confidence so that she could share her bright, vivacious personality. Combinations of various materials (porcelain and composite resin) were used in order to keep the costs down.

The Outcome

The final result was designed to rebuild teeth back to their original form and function. The change was dramatic and aimed to improve display of teeth in photos and socially.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.