Case 1: Dental Trauma

Can you imagine a beautiful country girl’s distress after being kicked in the face by her beloved horse in the middle of year 12? Will she ever look the same?

The Problem

Nicole enjoyed the perfect smile after finishing her orthodontic treatment at 17 years of age. Half way through Year 12, Nicole’s life changed dramatically. Her horse gave a nasty kick to the left side of her face. This resulted in a broken jaw, top and bottom, as well as severe tooth damage and loss.

“…Basically my smile was destroyed…”

Nicole went from a confident, social, 17 year old country girl with the perfect smile to being completely self-conscious about her appearance and unable to consume anything but liquids for months. She became constantly worried about what other people thought.

“It wasn’t a good feeling, going from having this gorgeous smile to hiding behind something so that people couldn’t see my smile…”

The Solution

Nicole underwent a cosmetic reconstruction to rebuild her fabulous smile. This resulted in a dramatic change in function and appearance. Missing teeth were replaced with dental implants and broken teeth were lengthened with porcelain veneers and crowns. Dr Lidums used her old photos (before the accident) as a guide for reconstructing her smile. To overcome her time and travel constraints, appointments were scheduled around her Year 12 study schedule. In most cases, treatment was performed the same day.

Nicole successfully completed her Year 12, entering into her chosen field of study, Physiotherapy, and attended her graduation ball with her reconstructed smile and renewed confidence.

The Outcome

Year 12 is stressful enough, but for Nicole, it was even more so. The accident impacted on Nicole greatly, but the results were very pleasing.

Nicole entered the ‘Smelters Beauty Contest’ in Port Pirie halfway through treatment with temporary teeth in place and came second… she entered a year later, with her final teeth and won first prize!

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.