Case 2: Diseased and damaged teeth

A new bride lost her beautiful ‘wedding day smile’ within three years of getting married due to dental disease, however she also suffers from severe dental anxiety – how can she receive dental treatment now?

The Problem

When Liz got married she enjoyed a beautiful smile and vivacious personality. While on her honey-moon, she caught a bug that seriously affected her teeth. Things deteriorated severely and impacted on her health, comfort and confidence.

Liz has always been a vibrant and fun-loving woman. As she became more embarrassed about her smile, she would cover her mouth when talking.

One of Liz’s friends worked in our practice and told her about some of the extreme makeover treatments she had seen achieved for others. So Liz made a time to come and see us to discuss options.

The Solution

Liz wanted to achieve a dental transformation to produce a dramatic change in function and appearance. Damaged and missing teeth were replaced with dental implants under general anaesthetic. Her new teeth are now beautiful and strong.

“I’ve tried every chocolate bar in the supermarket.”

She now feels confident to eat hard foods again.

The Outcome

It was a huge change for Liz and the outcome has been transformational. Not only do her teeth look better, but facial aesthetics have improved.

We were able to improve the appearance of the lips so they now appear thicker, fuller and there are less visible creases around the corners of her lips.

She enjoys her renewed confidence and now expresses herself more using her hands instead of covering her mouth with them.

“People ask me if I have Italian blood”.  She can now eat so confidently that she has “put on a few kilos.”

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.