Case 5: Fear of Dentures

A woman is concerned about losing all her failing teeth, and seems to have no other choice than dentures – is she able to avoid dentures?

The Problem

Di came to us because she had gaps between her teeth where previous dental treatment had failed. She wore partial dentures and hated them because they were lose and looked “ugly”. Her partial dentures were causing disease around remaining teeth. She knew she would lose her remaining teeth and was very worried that there was no option, other than full dentures.

Di had previously heard that if she wanted to have fixed replacement teeth using dental implants, it would take over a year to complete and she would need to endure a compulsory denture phase. This horrified her as it was her greatest fear. She was very appreciative when she found another dentist who said “It does not necessarily have to be that way. I suggest you see Dr Lidums. He has a new innovative technique to provide an immediate solution that may help you.”

By the time Di came to see us, she “never smiled” and had lost self-confidence. She also noticed wrinkles had begun to form around her mouth.

Her smile appeared “black” in photographs. She felt her top lip had gone “thin” and dreaded the thought of having a full set of dentures. She wanted her mouth to last for the rest of her life.

The Solution

Di’s dental transformation involved immediate implant bridges. She was a bit apprehensive about having the procedure, so she decided to have the lower implant bridge only, done first. The plan was to delay treatment on the upper jaw until she saw “how things went”. She was so delighted with the new lower teeth that she returned the following week for the same treatment on the upper teeth!

The Outcome

A new friend could not believe that she is a grandmother.

“There’s no way you could have a 33 year old son! You’re far too young.”

Di feels that the treatment has taken 10 years off her as well as removed the wrinkles! She is very aware of how her new smile has given her a fresher, younger look.

When Di visits us for regular maintenance, we often hear her encouraging other patients with her life-changing experience. She also advises them, though the changes were quite profound, it didn’t take long for her to get used to talking and eating with her newly designed teeth.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.