World Class Facility

Lidums Dental located on Hindmarsh Square in Adelaide, combines purposeful and stunning architecture, advanced technology and a highly experienced team to create optimal results for all our patients

With a high attention to detail on every level, we can produce truly outstanding results for our patients. Lidums Dental is regarded as one of the most comprehensively equipped dental centres in Australia!

Our dental boutique

We pride ourselves on having a design that is not only functional, but also beautiful. This was done purposefully and elegantly reflects what we want to achieve for all our patients: optimal oral health and a functional and aesthetically pleasing result that meet our patients’ desires. We aim to enhance the experience of our clients (patients and dentists) with gorgeous architecture. Our facility is modern, minimalist and spacious with plenty of glass walls and doors.

At Lidums Dental we understand our patients’ needs and have established our practice around servicing these needs:

Modern Technology

We have multiple state-of-the-art clinics for surgical, restorative, cosmetic and hygiene procedures.


With acoustic wall panels throughout our practice and one-way vision windows to the street view, we can provide the ultimate in patient privacy. Quiet, non-clinical consultation and scheduling rooms situated away from busier clinical areas means we can emphasise your confidentiality.


We have an in-house dental laboratory and technicians to provide customised, aesthetic results produced with excellent quality control. We also have a full range dental laboratory service of high-strength aesthetic ceramic, implant and denture procedures.


An in-house day-stay surgical theatre and recovery suite, which is set up for dedicated dental procedures, allows our patients to receive optimum care without the need for a general hospital stay. We also employ extra-soft dental chairs for total comfort.


We utilise the latest in computer imaging technology such as digital x-rays and planning software (including OPG and 3D tomography), along with a photographic studio to record your dental transformation and a training facility with a lecture theatre and built-in video cameras to record procedures for training purposes.


Ample car parking is available nearby and we are conveniently located at street level for easy accessibility. For interstate and overseas clients, we are located adjacent to The Mantra Hindmarsh Square Apartments.

At Lidums Dental we have established on of the most modern and specialised clinics available in Adelaide and Australia, and are committed to ensure all aspects of our patients’ treatments are smooth and effective.