Get a Celebrity Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry!

The concept of a ‘Celebrity Smile’ has different meanings for different people. What is it about a ‘Celebrity Smile’ that so attracts us? How often do you dream about having a beautiful natural looking smile you’ve always hoped for? 25% of Australian adults are unhappy with their dental appearance and this has resulted in the demand for cosmetic dentistry to skyrocket in recent years. Tooth wear happens over time and therefore the changes that occur in your  face are not always obvious until lines appear around your cheeks or you look at an old photograph.

What is important for one person in a smile will be different for another. Although a dentist may be able to give you the ‘Smile you’ve always’ wanted’, it’s important you get the smile you’ve always wanted not the smile your dentist thinks is best for you. Yes, of course there are clinical parameters to work within to ensure longevity and health of the smile, but the end result must reflect your personality and goals.

A ‘Trial Smile’ and Bite plan ensures that you’ll get the smile you expected and no nasty surprises.

With over 30 years of experience, Lidums Dental has been helping not only the people of Adelaide, but also many from country and interstate, even many coming from overseas to achieve the smile they’ve always desired. Our team of Dental Specialists help our patients achieve the improved appearance they’re looking for as well as managing their dental needs on a deeper level. We have so many patients who say they can smile and laugh again and many even say that it helped them progress in their career due to their improved self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Creating a new smile has many side benefits. A well-planned new smile can improve function – providing more teeth to bite on and strengthen fragile teeth so eating is comfortable once again. We’ve had many patients who have complained about their nose and chin coming closer together and giving them a ‘witchy look’. It may be hard to believe but a new smile can increase the space between the nose and chin thereby removing the ‘witchy look’ and plumping out areas around the lips, and cheeks reducing lines and wrinkles.

There are many options to improve someone’s smile, and below are some examples;

  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Many patients we see have their own teeth and really want to keep and rebuild them to their former glory. So long as the teeth and gums are healthy, often just covering the teeth and rebuilding them improves the smile. This involves having covers made in our lab that fit over the teeth and replace the tooth structure that has been lost over the years. Lisa had her teeth lengthened at Lidums dental and gained a more youthful and fresher smile. Or come in and see our Folios filled with many great photos showing examples of improved smiles.

  • Implant Dentures Improve Your Smile

Not only will Implant Supported Dentures improve the look of your smile, but they will also act like tent poles to support the skin around your lips and cheeks. When tooth loss occurs, bone is also lost over time and this can create sagging of the facial appearance. Our patients often report that the ‘sunken cheeks’ have now gone, and their mouth feels clean and healthy. Many even say they can taste their food again.

Dental implants are the ideal and practical answer for those who have teeth missing and are looking for a permanent solution. Our patients don’t generally have this treatment for cosmetic dental reasons. Most have the treatment to get out of pain or be able to eat again. It’s always wonderful when they see their new smile for the first time and realise how much they have missed the ability to smile with a healthy-looking natural smile! Whether you require a single tooth replacement or all of your teeth replaced you can rely on the specialist team at Lidums Dental to provide you with the perfect dental implant solution for you. Come in for a chat with our Treatment Coordinator to see more amazing results in our folios.

If you’re unhappy with your smile, don’t let it hold you back any longer. At Lidums Dental we create cosmetic dental solutions that offer our patients benefits far beyond appearance.

If you’re looking to get your smile where you’ve always wanted it to be, be sure to contact Lidums Dental today!