Signs to Look for When Selecting the Right Dentist (Specialist Dentist/Prosthodontist?)

Qualifications, Experience and Being Fully Present…

When it comes to finding the right Adelaide dentist, it can be overwhelming when making a choice especially if you’re in need of a Specialist Dentist/Prosthodontist. With so many dentists to choose from, making many claims, how can you be sure you’ve chosen the right one for your dental needs?

Ideally, you want a dentist who has the qualifications, is highly experienced, can do the job they said they could do and a team who are ‘fully present’.

Here at Lidums Dental, we pride ourselves on our 35 years of dedication, innovation, research and development that has seen Lidums Dental become the ultimate centre of excellence in dentistry, with the practice becoming one of the most modern and comprehensively equipped dental centres in Adelaide and Australia. But we know there is so much more to a dental visit than experience and qualifications alone.

Are your Dental Team “Fully Present”?

A visit to the dentist can be filled with the fear of the unknown, anxieties from previous bad dental experiences and the fear of what the treatment might involve. Gone are the days of ‘drill and fill’. Today’s patients are demanding outcomes that provide them with a functional, long term dental solution. At Lidums, it’s important for our team to fully understand our patient’s background and history so we can better support them in the process of developing their treatment and ongoing maintenance needs.

This is what we call, ‘taking the time to be fully present’ with our patients. We have designed our Adelaide practice to accommodate our patients better by making our appointments longer, our clinics bigger and offer 2D & 3D X-rays (critical for dental implant planning and placement) and an onsite lab to ensure the highest in quality. All of this allows our team to take the time to sit and listen to patients and help them achieve their dental needs and wants.

So many of our patients really feel at home when they come to visit, it’s wonderful catching up with what is happening in their lives, and we feel very much a part of their family.

If you are looking for an Adelaide dental practice to call ‘home’, we have listed some of the essential signs to look for when selecting the right dental practice for you.

Does Your Dentist and Their Team Really Listen?

A good dental team focuses not only on helping patients but also taking the time to listen to their patients’ dental concerns and challenges. We know that many practices, one dentist can see up to 20-30 patients a day, and this can leave people feeling rushed and unimportant and ‘just another number’. Does this allow for listening and carefully diagnosing dental problems and reflecting on the best course of treatment for you?

We often have patients saying they decided to come to us because we listened to what they wanted and not ‘we think they should have’. Although the dentist and team will diagnose and offer treatment options, it is not up to the dentist to tell a patient what they ‘think’ they ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ have done. Your dentist is there to inform you of what is happening in your mouth from a clinical point of view, offering treatment options, providing you with the advantages and disadvantages of treatment options and then supporting you in your decision.

Do you understand Dental Speak?

Sometimes understanding your particular dental problem/concern can be a challenge, and it’s important the dentist and their team are attuned to when more information or discussion is required. ‘Dental speak’ can be very confusing and embarrassing for patients if they are expected to understand what has been said. Patient education plays a major role in ensuring a patient feels relaxed and at ease with their treatment choices. Your Dentist and their Team will take the time to educate you about your treatment options in simple terms and ensure you are well-informed and comfortable before moving forward.

Having’ Information brochures’ and visual diagrams can really help paint a picture of dental problems and treatment options. Your dentist or a member of the dental team will take the time to draw diagrams or use software to explain what is happening in your mouth and the possible treatment options and ensure that everything ‘makes sense’ before you make any decisions.

“What Dental Qualifications do you have?”

Whether you’re searching for a General Dentist or a Specialist Dentist, always ask about their qualifications. It’s important to have a dentist who is experienced, qualified and confident in their ability to do the dental treatment that has been planned and accepted. Asking to see previous patients before and after photos is a great way to get a visual understanding about what can be expected from a treatment, as well as giving you an idea about their experience with treatments similar to the one you may be considering.

Does your dentist “Check-in” with you?

The Dentist and Dental Team will value you as a patient and put your well-being above anything else. The best dentists and teams ensure their patients know they care for them, showing an interest in their patients’ lives. For particularly anxious patients, it’s important the whole team are focused on ‘checking in’ with patients throughout their treatment appointment and journey, ensuring they are comfortable physically and emotionally. Managing a patient’s dental anxiety and fears takes time. A good dental team will not ‘rush’ a patient if they can see or perceive there is dental anxiety or fear. On the flip side, the team will also know when it’s important to ‘just get on with it’ if patients have time restrictions.

Premium Adelaide Dental Care!

If you’re looking for more than a Dentist but rather a whole team who are skilful in providing emotional support as well as dental care in Adelaide, then come to the team that understands the deeper needs of the dental patient – Lidums Dental!

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